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The Devil Wears Prada – Reptar, King Of The Ozone lyrics

Bring it to your lips and experience
The sulfur infect everything that we've created.
Don't twist this around.
Don't attempt to justify what we know is wrong.
Tendons are torn and screams are released
Into a poisoned, mathematic atmosphere.

We're composing our funeral songs, note, (note) note by note. (by note)
We're composing our funeral songs, note, (note) note by note. (by note)

With this I declare that tomorrow is an allusion.

What if the clouds are fragments of mistakes,
Fabricated by the factors of our foolishness?

We're composing our funeral songs, note (note) note by note. (by note)
We're composing our funeral songs, note (note) note by note.

Prove me wrong!
Prove me wrong!
Prove me wrong!

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  • n
    Xnick_ackermanx, you're very right about them being christian. Now, I've never read the book or anything, but you're logic of the name seems pretty clear. The band isn't exactly saying "do what the bible says," but they do broadcast a christian message. When I saw them at Warped Tour '08, they took a short 1-minute break between two songs, and the lead singer started talking about how much of a great god his god is, so obviously they are christian. And jassfoss, I don't see where you're getting any of your information from.
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  • u
    Hey to break it to y'all,.
    But this song is satirically about their producer, joey sturgis, and the mathematical / systematically robotic way he records tdwp and the other bands he works with. The guitar riffs are built "one note at a time", he's known for his skill with the mastering software "ozone" he uses, and the band feels they lose a lot of their vibe due to the systematic "fake" style approach of music production. This is why on the latest record they worked with adam d instead - adams approach achieves a much more natural vibe, and they think the end result doesn't sound so sterile and robotically "perfect".
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  • a
    Wow if ur still haveing trouble grasping the fact that they are a Christian band ur either deaf, can't read, or are just clinically retarded. Everything tdwp does is about/for God. Just watch an interview or go to their myspace, they even say the whole point of touring for them is that they get to broadcast the message of their faith to all their fans, Christian or not. On their Myspace page there is a quote from Mike Hranica, the lead vocalist, or screamer if you will, (for those of you who have no idea what ur talking about and aren't true fans), saying that the whole meaning behind the name is that when we get to heaven, if that's were ur going, nothing is going to matter when you come before God, not ur Prada scarf or ur Gouci jacket or ne of that. Duh. Some people amaze me with sheer ignorance.
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  • a
    Well. First of all I am Jewish. I also completely get what you guys are saying. But I personally hate getting super deep into songs because then people like me see it and are thinking, "jeez i didnt know this and why should i be listening to this". I am honestly perfectly fine with listening to bands from different religions but I hate it when people aren't fine with that. This song could pertain to so many things other than Christian ideals.
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  • d
    I think they are trying to tell the secular world not to twist their lyrics. They know what they believe and they write songs about that belief. The "sulfur" is the secular world. Twisting words to mean things that they were not meant to mean. Twisting our beliefs into something entirely untrue and unreal. Making us doubt ourselves and our faith at times. They are begging the world to prove them and their morals wrong, but of course, the world can't. Their attempts will be futile. I don't think that they are only speaking for themselves either. I feel the same. I'm tired of words and the Truth being contorted into something the media and society can use to further destroy our youth and innocence. Tdwp is an amazing band! I love all their songs and lyrics! Seriously deep stuff! :)
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