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The Devil Wears Prada – You Can't Spell "Crap" Without "C" lyrics

[Verse 1: Mike Hranica]
I wish to turn around and return (to her warmth and laughter)
But this calling is strong, and denial is impossible
No measure of weight can justify
What now presses into my chest
To the road, your freedom is awesome, to the road
But does it compare to the sweet embrace of my love?

[Bridge: Jeremy DePoyster]
Our convictions are engraved
Our convictions are engraved

[Verse 2: Mike Hranica]
My convictions are engraved by her hands
Our convictions engraved by her marvelous hands

[Verse 3: Craig Owens]
My ears are upon the brink of detonation
And the mud amongst the passage of my throat
Is drying to permanence, harvest the crop of

[Mike Hranica]
To what's true, I offer thanks
I've found what's pure and
I've found what's sweet
We are not barren
We are not barren

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  • c
    First off, tdw is a Christian band. The whole "breaking up w/ someone" thiing is wrong.
    Lets start with "I wish to turn around and return" Meaning return to God. The part in parantheses can be ignored. Next line means that the calling of God is impossible to deny. Skip to "To the road, your freedom is awesome" means the freedom of Christ is awesome. Conviction is ust another word for faith. Figure that part out yourself. Convictions are engraved by words, meaning that one measures their belief with their words. "To what's true, I offer thanks. I've found what's pure and I've found what's sweet. We are not barren." Mike is saying that God is what is true, and he is thanking Him for that. Christ is pure and sweet. Again, he loves our Lord and Savior. "We are not barren" Means even when we are alone, we are not devoid of anything, because we always have God with us.
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  • j
    Okay, well I believe the meaning to this song is being tempted but isn't giving in
    thus being supported is "I wish to turn around and return (to her warmth and laughter), but this calling is strong, and denial is impossible."
    When you live the life of a sinner you can pretty much do whatever you want, but when youre changed, you have a calling to do better and follow the footsteps of christ. If you ask anyone that is truly saved, they will tell you that they have met no sweeter love then the love of jesus
    the next quote is talking about how being a sinner was great and all, but being saved has no comparason
    "To the road, your freedom is awesome, but does it compare to the sweet embrace of my love?"
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  • u
    Anyone can say theyre christian but hav no resemblance of christ. What I don't like about tdwp their lyrics are far too subtle nothing they say in their music even resembles the gospel to me. They beat around the bush too much their version of who christ is in their music is so watered down and hard to understand. They don't have a clear message! How can you reach people and bring them to christ if they don't even understand what you're singing about in your lyrics? Man up and bring the presence of god in your music! I serve the living god christ jesus who died for my sins and rose from the dead defeating death. If you follow him you too can conquer death and have life!. There that is a clear message!
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