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The Devil Wears Prada – Dez Moines lyrics

Fall to your knees, accomplishing nothing.
Fall to your knees, only to exercise your schedule.
Abandon calendar.

What has come with such preaching is loneliness.
Profit: zero, achievement: zero.

Forward can't be stopped.
It just goes to show that some words are useless.
It just goes to show that some words are useless.
Take all your medals, take all your ribbons,
Take all your awards, take them, take them back to the ground.

Our youth is lost;
A product of the created circumstances.
All I can say is maybe
Maybe, maybe
All I can say is maybe
This is what I've been expecting all along, all along.
Now's the time of weakness, now's the time of blood.
Perhaps even the whole-hearted had wished for this.
Now's the time of weakness, now's the time of blood,
And still the time of lions.
Push everything, force everything.

We've all sung of the end, but who truly understands it?
All along, all along

Forward can't be stopped,
It just goes to show that some words are useless.
It just goes to show that some words are useless.
Take all your medals, take all your ribbons,
Take all your awards, take them back to the ground.

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    Service, is the purpose. Humiliate you before Him, this is the first step. We are youths but not foolish, (In my case) this is a call to comply the great comision [Matthew 28: 19]. All is a process that continues and continues without stopping, one must do the things for the ones that have been calls by Him. . ' Now' s the swindle of weakness, now' s the swindle of blood'. Everything that cause achieved, earned by you same does not have value. "Take all your medals, take all your ribbons...", your identity for (or in) Christ is not based on those things.
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    I think there's a bible chapter where no one cared. There's more than one book of god, for there are multiple gods to anyone who is beyond the shallow close mindedness of modern day catholicism and christianity. I can't say I know for sure either, but I don't claim to be a prophet or a blessed child of god. That's rubbish believed by elitists and used to control. We are all as one, whereas the good in the world feeds the bad and the bad recreates the good in order to continue the cycle. Religion has always been a means of control and shall remain until the shackles of human conformity are broken.
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    To me this song is telling us that our good deeds, words, and accomplishments are meaningless to god if we do not develop a sincere relationship with him. "fall to your knees, accomplishing nothing. " says that we can pray, but prayer without faith is just rambling a bunch of words and expecting your "wish" to fall out of the sky. "we've all sung of the end, but who truly understands it? " we all say that we know there will be an apocalyptic era, but who has actually read matthew 24, eziekiel 38 and 39, or even revelations? Very powerful song with some sick breakdowns! : d love prada.
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    Its just going to be so difficult to watch the world crumble when the end finally does arrive. All those who showed faith will have no fear in the end, and all those who had no faith will quake in terror of what they had been so wrong about. I am not going to be the one who says I know how everything will come, but for those who do not believe in God and have the blind eyes of a self-righteous human being let me pose one question. When your life of only a few years ends on this planet where will you have to go? Non-existance is a terrible price to pay for reject a force, such as God to save you. If you truly do not believe in religion that is all your choice, but if you neglect to believe just because you don't want to live your life by some simple rules then a sad future shall come for you and your self-absorbed ways.
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    "if we have to ask what a song means, i'm not sure the author reached his goal of communicating a clear message. Anyone singing or sharing the gospel of jesus christ - the one and only true gospel - should strive diligently to send a clear and concise message with no room for question. "
    Well, I see where you're coming from, but I think that people write songs like this because, there can be more than one meaning to it. And sometimes, if the meaning they are trying to send is upfront, out right obvious, then it kinda restricts you to find other meanings from the same text. Like, god could use this song to mean one specific thing to one person, and he could use it to mean somehting else to someone who's in a totally different situation. I mean, look in the bible, there are some stuff that are kinda abstract and you need to meditate on it to actually grasp the meaning. So in the lyrics, when they challenge you to think about it hard, then you learn even more stuff than you would have if the meaning had been given to you just like that.
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