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The Devil Wears Prada – Nickels Is Money Too lyrics
Climbing into fire, her hands are forceful.
We're burying earth in earth.
White hands, soft hands: carefully.
This makes no sense.
What's that sound I hear?
I'm lost in a state of confusion.
Oh ground.
I despise you, but rejoice in your essence.
Envy will cease my sky.
Greed will cease my sky.
"Here's a farmer that hung himself on the expectation of plenty"
At this time I feel there is no bottom to earth.
Welcome to the museum of the dead; endless gore becomes reality.
Tradition's dug the grave.
The inferno has commenced

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Nickels Is Money Too meanings

  • j
    I love this song. Generally speaking yes it is absolutely about materialism and worldly view and not the spiritual or holy perspective. I like going line by line here.
    Climbing into fire, her hands are forceful: I think this is a direct reference to the forceful temptations of sin. He writes "her" hands are forceful, perhaps this is a sexual reference.
    We're burying earth in earth: everything is dust. No matter what label we put on it, it will return to dust. We put nothingness on top of nothingness and praise that. Going off the previous comments.
    Evny and greed are 2 of the 7 deadly. This song is about sinning and the last party is about where sinners will finish their journey.
    White hands, soft hands - carefully: I think white references purity and soft means hands that have not labored or worked. This may foresee the farmer's fate after he expects his crop to produce when it doesn't. Much like people expect the world when they haven't worked.
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  • r
    If you really think about it seems like its about being posessed.
    With the hands part it seems like an exorsisim is taking place.
    And with "this makes no sense" and "whats that sound i hear" the evil is controling him making him confused and unsure.
    Envy and greed is what he will turn into.
    And hes making a relation to the farmer because he is making the same choice and they kinda felt the same way about whats going on in their lives.
    And everything else is just what his life will be like or is becoming like with the raging inferno that has commenced within him.
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  • f
    I think its about how everyone is messing everything up in the world, its us that's destroying ourselves, not god. Are burying earth in earth.
    The white hands, soft hands, its showing how it makes no sense that we are god's greatest creation and our life is a gift, our world is a gift, and what have we done in return, there's killing, sin, vanity, gluttony, aldutery, theres evil everywhere and theres people constantly straying away from the one who loves us the most.
    All this sin will cease our sky, itll bring our end, and no one is doing anything about it.
    The farmer is from macbeth from the porter scene, who is a drunk guard who believes hes guarding th gates of hell, the farmer who hung himself on the expectation of plenty is tragic, but he was in control of what he did and suffered for it, sometimes we expect so much from god when we are down here to make our own choices and we can't blame god for our greivances.
    The inferno has commenced.
    Judgment is now, we are being watched now
    if you died today, how will you be judged, everyone is afraid of the apocalypse but its already happenning, keep your faith and do good, the judgment has started now, not later.
    What do you have to show for your life, the life god gave you?
    I love how mike is like a spectator in his lyrics, he writes like he is seeing everything happening around him and hes telling you what you should do to do as god tells you to do.
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    • j
      I love this song. Generally speaking yes it is absolutely about materialism and worldly view and... Read more →
    • r
      If you really think about it seems like its about being posessed.
      With the hands part it seems like... Read more →

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