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The Devil Wears Prada – HTML Rulez D00d lyrics

[Verse 1: Mike Hranica]
Oh, and yet I've been cleansed with the water
Oh, and yet I've been cleansed with the water
A purity no mind can grasp
A purity so cool upon my fingertips

[Verse 2: Jeremy DePoyster]
The vision that I've seen: this is the action that spawns from the end
For the longest time, I've been watching the world breathe against (spiderwebs)

[Bridge: Mike Hranica]
What lies here are mountains composed of tombstones, tombstones, tombstones

[Bridge: Mike Hranica & Jeremy DePoyster]
Examine these beautiful faces, keep singing now
Examine these beautiful faces, keep singing now
Examine these beautiful faces, keep singing now

[Verse 3: Mike Hranica]
Will we push bedlam noise to the state of blissfulness?
Display her beauty to the people

[Breakdown: Mike Hranica]
A purity no mind can grasp

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  • m
    I believe that the song is really about a baptism and the beauty it can bring into your eyes after it is done.
    But the video brings a whole different meaning into my head. In the video, the old man represents God, and the bugs are, well, the not so pretty people of this world. He's putting the diamonds, or the brightest of beauty, inside them to keep them safe when the people come in. The people represent the Devil and they are trying to find the beauty to turn it evil. But as does everyone else in the world today, they overlook the outside of the bugs, not even thinking they could be there. This proves the point that most mean people look at the outside, not the inner beauty.
    So, I think. "Beauty really does lie within." :)
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  • u
    To me, it sounds like some type of way to describe christianity. Being cleanse with a water that is so pure, no mind can grasp it. Seeing action that spawns from the end of time, and watching the world breathe again is biblical. The mountain could be where the final battle is held, which is also in the bible. The beautiful faces singing, could be angels and a state of blissfulness is a way to describe the way some people push off christianity. :) hope I could help!
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  • u
    Youre looking for love and you find christ and what he's done fore you and its like nothing youve ever experienced. A love that will never fail, yet youre ashamed of what youve done. Youve never faced a soul as pure as jesus christ's. Jesus loves you sooo much and he was sent to the earth to live a perfect life, yet he suffered and died for your sins and mistakes so that you may experience the love that he was willing to share and you may have a chance at everlasting life. Now its up to you to figure out how youre gonna spend that everlasting life.
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  • j
    To the couple of posters talking about God using evolution as a pat of creation: I considered that a possibility for a while, but think about this - if evolution is true that means death existed before sin which goes against the Bible since death is the result of sin. That's not to say there aren't changes in nature, even in recent history new species have been created, but what the Bible teaches us about the origins of death points to a creation process that resulted in fully-formed beings rather than a life-cycle spanning eons. Just something to consider.
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  • s
    I don't think that killing yourself automatically damns you to hell. But I do think that if you kill yourself you are more than likely going to hell. Allow me to explain: If you're saved, if you have asked God into your heart, the chances of you killing yourself are. Slim. But there are certain situations in which a saved person might kill themselves and God understands that. And if you're saved, you're forgiven and heaven awaits you!
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