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Isse no se de fumikomu gōrain bokura wa
Nanimo nanimo mada shiranu
This directly translates to "Altogether now, make a break for the goal line, we don't know anything, anything yet." And it's about learning together and staying close, since the song's "story" is about losing touch with your life and the things you hold dear. Read more →
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This song is amazing. Everything about it is true. I was not born in 1994 but it somehow can relate to me I guess that when you are younger you believe in all these things that turn out to be a lie like in the lyrics. Santa clause is just not real, batman just can't fly, and also people aren't invincible and you have to live with all these lies and this song is so realistic. I am not 100% sure this is correct but I feel like Alec Benjamin wrote this as he was understanding life like Santa isn't real, Batman can't fly, people aren't invincible they all die and a great example was when the twin towers fell because when they did there was a lot and a lot of people who died that day. Read more →