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Meaning added by InspiredMp3
Is it mere coincidence that one whose early life saw him exposed to the wild to tend his father's flock would later become the Shepherd King to head the of affairs of a nation. It's agreeable that exposed to nature's beauty and the dangers that lurk in such serenity inspired the little shepherd boy's poetry to document the fact that while he was out in the wild something or someone supernatural was with him all through. Like a two pronged pitch fork David acknowledges God and foretells in a timeless piece the darkest part of Jesus Christ’s earthly life. The trilogy formed by Psalm 22, 23, and 24 points this out. Shepherd's call resounds the tone beautifully scripted by David the Shepherd King that has inspired an assurance in God through the ages with a few insertions by Jay Peters which were all culled from the Bible making this music piece 98.9% God's word. Just as the words of this song has endured through time, Jay Peters sends a gentle message of the one who inspired such tenderness. Jehovah! The one whose Mercies endures forever. Read more →
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Meaning added by Henry Brash Jr.
This song is meant to give hope in a world with so many uncertainties of life. In spite of all that is happening around us, there is a way out through Jesus the savior. A lot of natural disasters are occurring all around the world and if you don't understand why or what it's all leading to you could get very scared and discouraged but if you know there is a way out or that there is an answer to what it all means you can make an intelligent decision regarding your life's decisions. For me, there is hope in this song, lots of hope. Read more →
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I've seen quite a few sites where people are asking what the lyric "I wish you wasn't so Cobain" means. This is only my opinion but I think he's talking about the late singer of the band "Nirvana" Who's name is "Kurt Cobain" Kurt Cobain was a huge star in the early 90s and is still often referred to as "The face of Grunge music". Assuming Buddy is in fact referencing Kurt Cobain in this lyric, I'm thinking there could be two possible reasons: 1) It is widely known that Kurt suffered from extreme depression for most of his adult life and his death is believed to be suicide. So by comparing this person to Kurt Cobain, Buddy could be saying "I wish you weren't so sad, I wish you weren't so depressed or even I wish you weren't so suicidal" Or. 2) Throughout his career in Nirvana, Kurt was famously known to be a massive heroin addict. So it's also possible Buddy could be saying "I wish you weren't so f**ked up on drugs all the time, I wish you weren't such an addict in general" or he's professing how much he loves her and is saying "I wish you weren't so addicting". Read more →