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Meaning added by Rosemarie Scott
I too hear this song differently now that I'm older. As a young teen, I was certaia n this was a wedding song. However, I now hear it differently. I think it's more of a romantic fling get-away for a young couple who, back in the late 60s and early 70s, might feel compelled to dress and act like a married couple in order to obtain a motel room. Hence, the "dressed up in our rings". However, immediately following, is the verse "and then we'll move on". Sounds like a tryst to me. Perhaps my new interpretation is color by finally having viewed the movie from whence the song came, "The Sterile Cuckoo". In any case, it's a beautiful,timeless song, done perfectly by the Sandpipers. Read more →
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The song is about a girl who is seeing a boy or dating a boy. The boy is in love with the girl. But the girl told the boy that she is seeing that their relationship will not work out. The girl used to have a bf before he met the new guy. She is explaining to the guy that she can't forget her ex-bf. The girl is still not over with her ex-bf. I believe she thinks about the memories with the ex-bf and she realized that she is just not being true with herself and she is gently telling the guy to find someone. I think when the girl broke up with her ex-bf they were still in love with each other. Moral lesson of this song: The girl and her ex-bf should have saved their relationship. The girl should not have started a relationship or dated the new guy if she was still not over with her ex-bf. True, the ex-couple should be honest with each other. Don't date until you are not over your ex. Try to date someone who has the same feelings like you have to avoid being heartbroken. Read more →
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This song was written about actual sailing. Christopher Cross wrote the song about the days he spent sailing with a older man who befriended him as a teenager who became somewhat of a father figure to him, since his own father was an alcoholic and never had a good relationship. He describes sailing as a way to escape the difficulties of growing up in that environment and reflects on the great feelings and memories he had of that time. Read more →