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I gotta go so much bigger
So everybody’s proud of me
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After a milestone of success, it is typical for a feeling of peer pressure to deliver more, for example if you got A's on a report card or you make incredible sales, an extreme case is that those around you expect you to get straight A's and increase your sales to make the new peak the new standard even if it is impractical or damaging.

Fell into this myself when making art and projects in architecture classes, I'd make bigger and more challenging things until it all came collapsing down on me in that I failed to reach the impossible expectations of goals blown out of proportion. In the song, the Neotheater is their new and latest peak to surpass their latest album and shows, there is that suspense in wondering if this is the straw that breaks the camel's back or the beginning of a new standard that might destroy them later.
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I can't possibly be sure without an interview or something confirming it, but I have to assume the title is a reference to Alan Moore's graphic novel, Watchmen. Wherein the character of Doctor Manhattan is the son of a watchmaker and the imagery of clockwork is woven throughout his part of the story, and makes allusions to the theological analogy of the watchmaker in regards to intelligent design of the universe. Doctor Manhattan retreats to the planet Mars to be away from humanity, despite his nigh-unlimited power, he prefers to be in a barren environment that he can control instead of the chaotic world of human society. He builds a great, clockwork castle on the Red Planet, he tries to bring his lover, Silk Specter, to the castle with him to keep her as part of his perfect, controlled world. The song doesn't seem to make any other references specifically to the character, but it does seem to express a similar desire to move out somewhere remote with his lover and live quietly in a place where the narrator can control his environment. Read more →
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The song is about a girl who don't want to die and want to be immortal, she tries to defy science and time. She sells her virginity for immortality, the boy she sells her virginity is called a wolf disguised as sheep, while the girl is a sheep. But now the two of them are cursed with a baby and hence cursed together. Now, Jenny is 90 but still looks 19 and is immortal for life which is a bitter pleasure. Read more →
Staind – Outside
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This song is about a man who desires a woman he can’t have. His perception of her was made clear, After seeing her in the raw light of his lust, she was as ugly as him on the inside. She exposed her desires to only him. He tried to put/stuff the feelings away but the connection is too strong. So, they both are on the outside looking in at a taste of love they know they can’t have and hope to waste a moment once again. Read more →
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This song just always made me uncomfortable talking about heads falling off, not wanting your throat to be exposed for fear of something and the cheerful tone while explaining what is very clearly blood seeping into the snow as red as a strawberry in the summertime, combined with the happy go lucky melody it gives me chills however I think this song has a lot of little hints of the french revolution to it, I think the song being about the french revolution is something worth looking into. Read more →