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In the first verse Troy is talking about his “lover” (any like boyfriend, fiancé or future husband even) he is madly in love with this person and as he said before on social media that he’d like to keep his relationship private. The chorus represents his want for the privacy of the relationship “I want you all to myself” means he just wants his eyes only on his lover. Read more →
BTS – I Need U
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Meaning added by btsforlife
I agree with them. This song has a deep meaning behind this song that only people who are going through this. For Example: A girl who lives in a abusive family has a best friend who is going through depression and has a drug addict for a mother. The girl best friend boyfriend broke up with her and because of that that made the girl go in depression. Even though that the girl felt like she was useless and wasn't needed in the world she had her best friend and she told her that every thing is going to be alright as long as we are together and stay positive nothing is going to get in the way. What the Mv is trying to say is that even though you are going through something and you feel like given up you always have your friends with you. Read more →