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Meaning added by JustCallMeMinx
I think Alec is talking about a boy (who may be himself) that has always been sheltered by his mother, and been seen as the innocent kid, earning the name "The Boy In The Bubble". Because of this he's built up frustration and anger inside of him that ultimately results in him, when pushed to far, lashing out and getting into a huge fight with a bully of his. Getting all of the emotions out feels good to him, which is why he acts so sadistic about the situation and says in the song "I had thick red blood running down my clothes, and a sick sick look 'cause I like it though." It also explains the lyrics "Come the lightning and the thunder, your the one who suffers." because, since he 's over here enjoying the fight, the bully IS the one who suffers when protag attacks him. When protag gets home though, he knows the reason he fought, but thinks about the bully's reason. He knows that the bully has an abusive alcoholic father, and realizes that there's stuff he deals with, too. Protag hopes that one day the bully will be able to speak up to his father, and get him to stop. I love how at the end of the verse Alec says "In this broken bubble" referring to the broken innocence of both the boys. I honestly like that it's a kind of sad song, but yet fun to listen to!~ -Minx Read more →
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I think into goes like the kid doesn’t want him to leave like any little kid scared of monsters: then his dad is going by across the sea to fight for our nation and: the last one I think he is on husband last days about to die - great song very emotional especially for a military family - Luke Combs is absolutely amazing guy. Read more →
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This man is singing about his homeland, Germany. He doesn't want to move out of his homeland. He was born there. He also wants germany to triumph over the whole of the world. He wants to give his love Germany, but it is to big for him to give to her. Read more →