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I've been watching the Elon Musk and Joe Rogan podcast while listening to Bradley Cooper's song maybe its time. Both of these mens' perspectives sound clear and truthful speaking of the world, death toll today. Especially here in America regarding how lost children are when they dwell too much in their misfortunes. It's sad folks, real sad...even for us adults, not showing true character instead acting the way we do because of what we grew up listening too and believing...there's no stopping unless everyone whoever listens to this song believes in it and helps out to start change and how others perceive their lives. Wish there were more good men today who'd take the roles of true character and help one another to spark change for the better. Reality though, it really is sad. Read more →
Boa – Fool
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I was born to love
A distant land and a rising sun
I was born to love this
Green and pleasant land
The "distant land" is Japan, which is often referred to as "the land of the rising sun". The "green and pleasant land" is England, this phrase is borrowed from the anglican hymn Jerusalem (with lyrics taken from William Blake's poem by the same name) and is often used as a romantic nickname for England. Seing as Jasmine Rodgers is of Japanese ancestry on her maternal side and English ancestry on her paternal side this is likely about her trying to chose which identity she most associates herself with. Read more →