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The song is emotional, it about a lady who is deeply in love with her husband, but she it seems like her husband no. Longer feels as she feels, the woman can see that her husband is playing her heart as keys, like he doesn't care. How the woman. Read more →
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The song is about accepting loneliness. The term "Going Native" refers to fully adopting a certain lifestyle (Adopting\accepting the loneliness in our lives that we can't escape from). "Love is the answer to most of my questions - you can't comprehend" The questions we can't comprehend most likely have to do about the crushing existential loneliness, as we all know the answer to those would be love; knowing this doesn't seem to help it either. Read more →
Full of loneliness
This garden is bloomed
Full of thorns
I bind myself in this sand castle
This song is about a man who was abandoned by his family and thinks he's ugly, because he thinks he's ugly, he plants flowers as a hobby. One day a young girl comes and takes his flowers. At first he's angry but then he soon finds out she sells them for money, because she is poor. The man falls in love with the girl.. So much so that he begins planting the most rare and expensive flowers for her to sell.

One day the girl passes away and she stops coming and taking flowers, the man still plants flowers because he doesn't know of this, but one day he finds out and feels so sad he didn't tell her how he felt.

"I still wnt you"
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My children starved
A reference to the Great Famine of the 1840's which saw 1 million people starve and another 1 million emigrate. It is widely believed to be an attempted genocide by the British.