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Too many people have been burned by love. Drawn a line in the sand and promised themselves they would not let it happen again. We all have a message to share, a love to give, and no matter how hard we fight it we cannot ignore it. We have to set our ego free, break the chains holding us back, take it on the chin, and continue to keep sharing that love with the world. In the end we will find that love we are searching for. Read more →
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I think it’s about a woman who has been married forever, spent years caring for her family and now is faced with some kind of crisis in her marriage. She doesn’t know if she can move on into a different life but Is trying too, needs too. It’s a song of strength and moving on. Read more →
Ella Mai – Trip
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I really feel this song a lot. She is singing about how much she loves him and it scares her but she wants more hence he has her tripping! Also it can be referred to there sex life n how amazing it is to her that it has her tripping. And I think it's about both tied into one. In a relationship they do go hand and hand. She doesn't want nothing to go or to end but she knows it's very possible n that scares her n she's tripping over how he has her feeling but it doesn't matter she's going in n hoping neither get hurt! She all smiles in the video and she's happy but scared and confused but she cant help wanting more n she's going for it!! Read more →