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while we spoke of many things Fools
and kings
Means talked over a vast number of subjects that interwove between connecting and diverging as fools can be kings and kings aren't fools.
Explanation added by northernoverpass
(That perfume lingers in your hair)
This reminds me of that one interview of pre-split Panic! when Ryan Ross talks about his vanilla deodorant, and I think he's referring to that smell. That specific smell, Ryan's smell. He could have just said perfume of the perfume, but he said that perfume, implying a very specific smell. Read more →
6LACK – Switch
Explanation added by dcv1ncscul
I think of you again
I think that this line represents how SHINee is still recovering from Jonghyun's death in December, that maybe they'll never forget about him.
As well, they say 'again' which proves that they have thought about him m
ultiple times, and this was proved true in multiple interviews with SHINee after his death.
Despite everything, they're willing to share this album with us, which makes them stronger than most of us.
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Explanation added by angelazeigler
But those cuts on her wrist, they were no mistake
But no one cared enough to save her from this self hate
She is cutting herself because she is being bullied by other kids in her school. She feels like nobody wants her in the world so she cuts to try to take away the emotional pain that the world has caused her. And no one is trying to help and/or prevent her from becoming depressed and cutting herself and crying herself to sleep. Read more →