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Pressures of a new place roll my way
When you're in a new place you tend to feel uncertain, I think that's what Tyler was trying to say. He uses his jumpsuit as a bit of security because it can cover him from people he may be trying to hide from or people who are just new to him. As we know BlurryFace is insecure, and this album is a continuation of BlurryFace, so he may be insecure to new people or people whom he sees as bad. "Feel it in my youth, feel it when I'm old." could be a line used to represent insecurity. "I'll be right there, but you'll have to grab me by my throat and lift me in the air." could be representing BlurryFace's will power being gone because his insecurities have completely devoured him. "I'll stop my plans, but you'll have to tie me down and then break both my hands." This line could be a representation of Tyler struggling to stay, plans to run away or to harm himself or someone around him. This is just my interpretation though. Read more →
Explanation added by Mario Alfredo Contreras
Appliances have gone berserk
I can't look you up
Treading on people's toes
Snot-nosed little fools
Appliances have gone berserk
I cannot keep up
Has to do with the person's view that the world is progressing so fast while they are being left behind.

'and if i'm gonna talk..
...sit back and listen
' is the desire of the elderly to share their experience/knowledge and to be heard instead of written off and ignored by others.
'Snot nosed little punks' probably the fact that every older generation finds the younger ones to have less respect and discipline. Read more →
Explanation added by salute
So comrades come rally
For this is the time and place
Billy Bragg is again calling on people to protest against the tyrants, and he is explaining that this is the perfect time to rise and protest for communism.
Max Romeo – Tacko
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tacko, tacko, tacko
"Tacko" means "idiots" or "fools" in Jamaican patois - refers to people who thought Rasta was dead because Haile Selassie was dead.