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Meaning added by Caleb Kabelo
The song whoa was a song that both mattered in my happiness and depression in my depression that one word explained my pain it said it all for me and in my happiness it meant I might be happy but my I'm still being temporary so I listen to the song to feel permanent it gives me a sense that x used this word to explain something deeper. Read more →
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It’s about a relationship that ended. Boy is reminiscing about the relationship, and despite being betrayed (voice of treason) in some way (perhaps abandonment or cheated on) he is aching and nostalgic for the person they loved. However, he blames himself (don’t waste your time on me) and perhaps thinks he deserved it because he acted childish (refers to ex as the voice inside my head as if the ex was his voice of reqson). The song is like a plea, he is bargaining like he will now give in and let the ex have their way (we can have Halloween at Christmas/be like jack and sally referring to the Tim Burton movie) if they come back. However, “don’t waste your time on me” also gives insight into the authors self awareness, with a certain knowledge that he probably won’t change and knows the ex is probably better off. He sings achingly of the loss “I miss you” and “I’m so sorry” because the ex is the only thing that will “stop the pain” . But he adds in the word “tonight” indicating it’s a short term fix. Read more →
Zedd – Clarity
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Some loves are not meant to be. Two people can love each other deeply. But for reasons beyond their control they cannot be together. I think this song is could be someone looking back on a lost love. “High dive into frozen waves where the past comes back to life.” It’s super painful to think about but this person still loves the other person and cannot help but think about them all the time. “fight fear for the selfish pain it was worth it every time” and “you are the piece of me I wish I didn’t need.”. Read more →
You're really lovely
Underneath it all
You want to love me
Underneath it all
I'm really lucky /> Underneath it all
You're really lovely
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In a 2002 interview in Rolling Stone, Stefani explained that her lyrics were inspired by her relationship with Gavin Rossdale of the band Bush, whom she was madly in love with and later married. The song came about when they spent some time together and Stefani wrote in her journal the next day: "You're lovely underneath it all." Read more →
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I think this song is about a couple who are on and off with each other. The singer talks about how he's "not good for ya" as if he knows that the relationship isn't going to work out because it's one-sided. He sings about how he's "still good to ya" so the relationship didn't end on bad terms, but he's come to accept the fact that some things just don't work out no matter how much you want it to. They've tried more than once to "stay" together but the singer mentions how they're just "acting out a cliche" so the relationship doesn't even feel real anymore. Despite their eagerness to want to make things work, they just aren't good enough for eachother. This song is essentially an ode to relationships that just don't work out no matter how hard you try to love the other person. It doesn't always mean that something is wrong, but some people just aren't compatible with eachother. Read more →
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Meaning added by Johnpurdie
The words are beautiful expressions of a man truly in love with an Irish girl, yet in the third stanza, it becomes an emotional tear-jerker. I should have liked the lyrics edited, so that "Mary", and Tralee" would be capitalised. Nevertheless it is one of my favorite ballads, which I believe will be sung for many years to come. Read more →