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Gorillaz – Tranz
Editors choice
Do you turn into your effigy
An effigy is an ideal model or representation of a persons likeness. Typically, they are made to be burned or abused as a way of protest. An example is the Burning Man festival. This is when people burn an effigy as a way of protesting them.

Another possible explanation is that these lyrics in particular could be asking if the listener has felt the need to change themselves to be their ideal self. This possibility has lead people to believe this song is about being transgender or transsexual. Although debatable, it could be true. No one is for sure though, and as likely as it is, it could also be unlikely.
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Isse no se de fumikomu gōrain bokura wa
Nanimo nanimo mada shiranu
This directly translates to "Altogether now, make a break for the goal line, we don't know anything, anything yet." And it's about learning together and staying close, since the song's "story" is about losing touch with your life and the things you hold dear. Read more →