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"But nobody bleeds for the dancer" What does that means? I mean of course I know we speculate a thing or two but I need real meaning of bleeding for the dancer? It could be represent of art that against to abuse of religion by Kings, Queens and priests in law of religion. So I of course can assume ilke this but. This songs feels me more then that I think and I believe there is something else whaccha think guys? Read more →
Do I even have a choice when-
I'm gonna have to pick my poison
Yeah you hurt me so good, it's so good
> And even when you 'cause tears
You're the one who wiped them away
Maybe that's the reason I stay, I stay
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Both choices are so hard for her to choose. She's been "hurt so good" because even he has hurt her, she still have the love for him. He also actually still loves her, because when she's hurt, he's the one who makes her comfortable and feels loved at the end of the day. Read more →