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Mommy I'll do anything
Can we work it
She feels like she is worthless. She doesn't know how to cope. She feels like nobody cares about her she doesn't know what to do with her life.
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Aladdin (a "street rat") is showing Jasmine (a princess) a different perspective to the current zeitgeist. A perspective that is shared by the majority of humans in the epoch, but one that may be lost on her due to her privileged upbringing. While also carrying romantic undertones the song on the surface is a euphemism for unveiling the apocalypse. Read more →
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I am not sure how to love Jesus more. It sounds pretty, and certainly Christian, but can I really? All I know about Jesus comes from four books that were written in another language about 30 - 80 years after he left the earth. Do I know Jesus? Not really, any more than I know Franklin D Roosevelt who died about 60 years ago. I’ve read lots about FDR, but do I really know him? There is a lot more written about FDR than Jesus. How can I love someone that I don’t really know? I’ve been married over 15 years. I love my wife. Can I really love a person who all I know about comes from four books, much of which are redundant more than I love my wife? It’s illogical. Infeasible. What this song is asking me to do is create an image in my mind about Jesus and love that image more than I love another person. This feels dangerously close to idolatry to me. At a minimum, it is totally against what Jesus himself taught. He never said, “Love me more than everyone else.” Or, if you are not a Christian, it is disconnecting from reality into a self-made fantasy. This song has pretty words. But it is bad theology. Worse, the underlying premise is just plain kooky. Read more →