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The Devil Wears Prada – Danger: Wildman lyrics

I know A ghost,

And when doubted his truth reveals incredible vengeance.
Vanity is a sepulcher,

Do as you please, shame will follow
Do as you please, and shame will follow

Languages rot and insects lose interest,
Mountains of plastic: Melting away,

As long as these struggles are aimless,
We will all be standing still
Standing Still

When worded correctly, truth is never a clichй;
This is because so many are attached to their deaf ears.

Collect the leaves,
Count them,
Name them,
Study each and every single one of them

As long as these struggles are aimless,
We will all be standing still (standing still)

When worded correctly, truth is never a clichй;
This is because so many are attached to their deaf ears

All mistakes can be marked by borders,
All of love can be traced to a maker
It seems as if what is most important,
Isn't noticed when forgotten

Do as you please, shame will follow,
Do as you please, and shame will follow,
The sun and the moon,
You'll always take them for granted,
What's delicate is lost

As the selfish forgot what is sacred,
The humble forget themselves

When worded correctly, truth is never a clichй;
This is because so many are attached to their deaf ears

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Submitted bybart329simpson
Corrected byDeathDebt

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  • s
    First of all, voiceofonecrying, you need to learn to type before thinking you know what you are talking about. Secondly, some people, like me, can understand the lyrics and know what they are saying, and enjoy this music. If you're saying this can't worship God because you don't like it or because you can't understand it, you are limiting God. My God has no limits, and uses all means to worship Him. Notice the emphasis on you that I use. This isn't about you. You have a 3 second clip in this world that is God's. Just because you don't understand, doesn't mean someone else does. I witnessed people saved through bands like this, and you saying it's not Christian is limiting God. Don't talk or post something before you know.
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  • h
    A lot of tdwps songs are about sin and our coruption, but its true. The world is corrupted with alot of nonbelievers out there. And if this kind of music brings in people who just like the music, it can change their mind after knowing what this band is really doing. Speaking out to the people, worshiping God. I forget what else I was going to say. Oh yeah, I like this band alot more after knowing what their lyrics mean. My fav hardcore band :)
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  • c
    Voiceofonecrying, obviously you need to tune up your ears when you are listening to this sub-genre of christian rock. There are many people, like myself and others, that can understand the lyrics and the words by listening to the song without reading the lyrics. To say that tdwp's music brings about the presence of Satan is blasphemy. Tdwpwcarftw is correct in his statement about the Old Testament. It does state that God accepts praise in the form of loud music and banging drums. He wants his praise to be heard outside of Cathedrals, he wants to hear it all the way to the Heavens. And if you read the Old Testament again, you would see that God does unleash vengeance. Ever hear of Noah and the Ark? The whole 40 days and 40 nights of rain, where God killed off the entire populace of the known Earth, saving only Noah's family and a male and female of every animal on earth? That is absolute vengeance my friend, maybe you should reexamine your belief structure and realize that although you don't understand the way these guys praise our Lord, they are doing so. Would you have the same opinion about somebody singing in Latin, because I know I cannot understand a word of Latin, can you?
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  • t
    @voiceofonecrying; have you read the old testatement at all? Have you not read about all the things He did, God has plenty of wrath and He has every right to, He created us and most of us ignore Him, I'd be pretty darn mad too, and do you also not know what He's gonna do to us in the end days? He is a very vengeful God, He is love but that doesn't mean that vengeance is contradicting to love, and I don't get what u'are saying, are you saying that you can worship through screaming? In Psalms it says to worship the Lord with crashing symbols, and loud playing, it's true that most of their songs arnt worship so to say but it does glorify God, their music is talking about how there is a God and how He loves us, and I didn't come to this site to look for the meaning of these lyrics cause they are very clear on what they're talking about, I came here to read these types of msgs and speak the truth, it seems to me that you know truth but you pretty much shot down their music, so I decided to enlighten you, that is if you ever read this haha.
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  • t
    The song could be applied politically, but also spiritually. For example, the line: 'i know A ghost. And when doubted, His truth reveals incredible vengeance. ' Is talking about the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost) and how when we doubt Him, we receive vengeance by being led to Hell.
    The line: 'When worded correctly, truth is never a cliche, this is because so many are attached to their deaf ears. ' Is how even the Christian church, twists The Word of God to follow with their prosperity message, but it confuses by contradicting something else said in The Word of God, and people want to follow along, and not be persecuted for what is right.
    Also the sentence: 'Do as you please, shame will follow. ' Is referring to Sin, and how when we do what we want to do, not what God want's us to do, it leads to our own demise.
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