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The Devil Wears Prada – Assistant To The Regional Manager lyrics

These writings are to those who have weeped.
These writings are to those who haven't looked deeply enough into the correct resolution.

Wrong again but stronger now, we can face this.
Fight life with life.
Fight life with life.

All glory to the one in existence. Bring upon your name, your grace, your everything.

Hold hands and stare into the circle.
What are we looking at?

Rumors and rumors and rumors.
Rumors and rumors and rumors.

Assembly: disintegration.

Rumors and rumors and rumors.


Tombstones serve as mirrors and the graves are infinite.
Take a look through the lens and through your eyes.
End the partitioning.

Wrong again but stronger now, we can face this.
Fight life with life.
Fight life with life.

Enemies, we'll go for your throat.

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  • u
    This just proves it that christian metal can go huge, everyone is to scared, but tdwp know who they are and know who and what they believe in and no one will stop them, they are bringing gods tea hings through metal music if you want to look at it's acually god talking to you through these guys, and god made them famous and loved not sation, if you listen and hear god and do what he says he will bring all glory to you, and some people think you have to go through the devil to do this when god does it better and on the end you will live forever in the kingdom of god.
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  • k
    The song is truly about our relationship with higher and almighty God. How we constantly fail, struggle, and are broken. But, are redeemed through what we have gained through our pain. And, how we glorify God through that. This music is inspiration to everyone, the lost and the born again. An awesome testimony for unbelievers to look upon as example and an encouragement to the believers struggling with trails and tribulations.
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  • l
    These lyrics definitely don't refer to the people who don't believe in the Bible. The Devil Wears Prada aren't a preachy band and wouldn't write the lyrics "These writings are to those who have weeped/These writings are to those who haven't looked deeply enough into the correct resolution" referring to those people. The song's probably about, like bckelley said, two groups of people fighting over issues or certain beliefs about God.
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  • m
    Footkick you have judged this person. Where is your grace right now? And if someone's beliefs aren't compatible with the bible, can't you then say they are wrong? I wouldn't go around saying that because that offends people, but instead I would teach the right things. You're right, jesus died on the cross to bridge the gap btwn god and man, and the only way to salvation is to believe that. I agree with twiztid when I say that you should never be tired of defending christ. It should be your burning desire. What you wake up to in the morning. Like a cup of the best coffee.
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  • u
    The first verses explain themselves. When he says wrong again but stronger now it means recovering from mistakes made in the past. Rumor and rumors mean the lies and the false religions in this world. Hold hands and stare into the circle. What are we looking at? Means we all are worshiping the wrong things or it mean we can't even begin to decode the glory of god even as christians. Assembly disintegration meaning we are slowly falling apart because of the sin that is on this earth. About the tombs stones serve as mirrors part, that mean we have to clean up our acts because we could soon be the ones in the graves in stead of the sinners. Fighting life with life probably meaning fighting the birth of new sinners by making new christians. As for the last line it probably expresses there hate for sin.
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