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The Devil Wears Prada – This Song Is Called lyrics

I am the speaker but what is responsibility?
This is beg of you, build me brick upon brick.
High tides; waves of hypocrisy.
This is beg of you, build me brick upon brick.
I didn't think the clock struck more than twelve times.
I decided to name her insomnia.
"Her teeth like white seeds in a scarlet fruit"

This I must tell you, old friend
"Her teeth like white seeds in a scarlet fruit"
This I must tell you, old friend
This I must tell you, old friend
Old friend
Old friend
Fear beauty.
Fear beauty.
This is meager, this is feeble.
She was only fiction in my creation
My creation

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  • x
    I think the meaning behind this is not to build relationships up too high. Some people, like myself unfortunately, build alot of things up on their relationships. Expecting something meaningful out of it, but it's not always like that. Sometimes, doing this can lead to you always freaking out "I decided to name her insomnia". Worrying where this person may be, when they'll call, when you'll see them again, and such. Also, the "this I must tell you, old friend: fear beauty" kind of hints to me that beauty does not equal love, and that thinking like that can not only be hurtful, but can put you in a bad situation.
    - This is just what I think, I have no idea if this is the true or real meaning behind the song. If you'd like to know that, I suggest you ask Mike (The Devil Wears Prada) himself.
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  • p
    The section of the song "Her teeth (show) like white seeds in a scarlet fruit" is a quote from the story "The Picture of Dorian Gray" which is a story that defines beauty as temporary. The main character wishes for a painting of himself to age instead of his own body. He watches the painting age, and deteriorate with each sin and action. That's the quote anyway. I also agree with xthexnewxblackx because the expectations that come with relationships definitely fits the song perfectly.
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  • f
    I saw it as him making himself stronger and reminding himself to see clearly ("I don't thin the clock struck more than 12 times,")
    The rest I see as being about a girl, being drawn in by lust and beauty, thinking someone is really amazing when really everything you see in her is something you have fabricated. . We fool ourselves more than we fool others.
    "I decided to name her insomnia," - I love this line.
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  • a
    I think that this is about how even if you are beautiful, you shouldn't believe that will get you ahead in life so much that you don't need intelligence. And that by not needing intelligence, you are wasting your life and not using it to its fullest potential which is not what god wanted. This goes along with their anti-material status along with their Christianity. The Oscar Wilde quote is probably a reference to Eve, a prime example of the song matter.
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  • s
    "her teeth like white seeds in a scarlet fruit" is probably about Eve, and "seeds" almost like planting the seed of knowledge maybeee?
    After all, after eve ate the fruit they were given the knowledge of wrong and right.
    "fear beauty" could be about how much eve wanted the fruit because she found it to be beautiful but in the end it was horrible for Adam and eve, fear beauty, she should have feared what the fruit could bring her and Adam. Just like we should fear things that we find beautiful in todays world.
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