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Serj Tankian – Sky Is Over lyrics

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  • u
    Guys I have a completely different view on this - the sky is above us, always hovering over us and watching all that we do, innocently as it plays its part.
    "cradle the sun" we're all part of the sun's energy initially. But as humans we're taking an unnatural course, manipulating and deceiving each other at the expense of our self-righteousness and our earth.
    "living in remorse" - the greed got to people's heads and now its caused chaos and theres no turning back!
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  • x
    Tbh I think that global warming is a myth looking back at history every however many thousand years the earth goes through a period of warming, wich soon cools back to the general trend, and we are o the verge of one of these periods. But the fact that evrybody is changing there ways and redusing emisions can do no harm, so all we are doing is reducing our (very small) impact on our planet. The truth is humans are still only a small part of the earth, and we are not as influencial as we think we are.
    Super awesome song ^^
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  • Zetsubou_Ichi
    Um, going green is actually a very good step. See, Sky is Over (Not only a song but a web site) Is about Global Warming. When I said Sky is over, enough said, I meant that the message of the video was that our ultimate ending will come down at the mercy of global warming. That was my song meaning, but as a Christian, I believe that global warming will do hell of a lot of damage. It just won't kill us.
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  • k
    Mikegw: You shouldn't speak cause you clearly haven't heard or read what Tankian thinks about "going green". He was interviewed in Finland when he played in Provinssi rock. He said in interview that our society is almost over and we need another kind of mindset. Tankian honored people who try to do something about it. He also said that he has been thinking too much society in past two years. I think Dalynxie has the point. Society is f*ck*d.
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  • u
    The sky is over becouse we killed god with our materialism. For modern science human being and animal are on the same level, so all old life values are lost, and life became meaningless pursuit for pleasures, and money. There is no compassion anymore, there is no love, man is separated from nature and all that is left for normal human is shame and escape from reality, running from the sun. And all becouse sick greedy minority of powerful people which hate life and all god creatures.
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