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Serj Tankian – Lie Lie Lie lyrics

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  • p
    Let us not forget that while Serj is an artist, he is also a very politically aware person and almost always reflects that in some way. He likes to share the truth, or at least his interpretation of it in a manner that even the most oblivious person can still find enjoyment from it.
    In all of Serj's creations, I've never understood him to write folk music without some underlying issue in there. With all the things in the world, I would hardly think that a suicide pact went wrong would be the main message in this song.
    Now, this might seem a bit of a stretch, however with his background, and his beliefs; I would assume this song has to do with the betrayal of the government towards its people and how they still blindly love and follow it (note how she continually returned after him killing her multiple times); the ignorance and blind patriotism being willfully exploited by the government if you will.
    This act of betrayal leads to the downfall of our government as we know it; because as I take it, from the video, they don't seem to understand the importance of their people.
    He's shown that he believes society and civilization as we know it is over; I just take this song to be a prelude to that, showing his belief in how it happened.
    Of course, I could be reading into it far too much. : p
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  • u
    What I have heard, is that he falls in love with a girl. He then finds out that this girl, is his sister. They soon make up a suicide pact for jumping off of a waterfall together so they can be together in death. Instead, he decides to get rid of her, and lets go of her when he was also supposed to jump. He then ends up hiding his sin.
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  • k
    Well sometimes you do thing and without knowing you end up understanding thing that wasn't mean to say. What darkomen said could have been true but when you look at all the other songs, the message is clear, but this one is really mixed up lol. I feel less stupid knowing that he didn't really mean anything^^' like zetsubou said. But even if there's no point really in the song doesn't mean there was absolutly no critics in that either.
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  • u
    To me this just seems like one of Serj's nightmares but I do like the idea of songs not obligated to mean something. It makes you feel free to enjoy the art without thinking too much about the message. I like this song and I don't even know why! It is an art form, there to initiate debate and thoughts!
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  • u
    I see the posts and see literally "sister". But I had a relationship with a girl (not related) that I should have been a better friend to and end up breaking her heat because she was more committed than I was. Kind of a childhood relationship. Bottom line. I dropped her off because I was a young kid and now see the error. This could be anthem for all the guys (i guess or girls) who take the others for granted, or worse, for their bodies.
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