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Explanation added by JimBozzini
With Isinglass curtains you can roll right down
Isinglass is a synonym for any transparent material that is used to bring sunlight indoors while providing protection from the wind, rain and cold.

Originally referred to as Mica Windows as Mica was the mineral
used by the Romans to create lightweight, flexible and transparent window covering, Mica windows were in fact the earliest form of windows in the United States. Because these thin sheets were transparent, they were called isinglass windows.

The Model T Ford of the 1920&30's was open on the sides with a detachable, canopy roof. The canopy had no windows, however, because using glass windows would make the car too heavy, the manufacturers began making celluloid windows they called isinglass curtains.

Today, isinglass curtains are the vinyl windows zipped into the canvas tops used on a motorboat. These curtains can be rolled up and stored when the boat is in dry dock or when the weather is nice and not needed. However, they can then easily be unrolled and zipped into place any time "there's a change in the weather."
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Sia – Elastic Heart
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Explanation added by sazzbob
And I will stay up through the night
Let's be clear, I won't close my eyes
She cannot sleep, and she will 'stay up through the night' thinking about her ruined love or relationship. She is paranoid and so doesn't want to close her eyes just in-case she lets her guard down again. In so
me ways her closing her eyes is a sign of weakness. Read more →
Explanation added by lolablerants
blessed by the gods of me & you
As the song seems to be about missing opportunity- and what are you waiting for, this could be saying that you make your own path- it is us as people who take the opportunity and created the blessed life- the garden (
reference to Garden of Eden A.K.A perfect world) wasn't created by god, it was created by me & you! Read more →
John Mayer – Gravity
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Oh Gravity is working against me
Force of nature to bring you down. This is a reminder that you should always keep your feet on the ground.
Sia – Elastic Heart
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Shia was the embodiment of thought and reasoning (adulthood) while Maddie was the embodiment of freedom and carefree nature (childhood) all in the mind (cage which can also be formed by society among other factors). The dance i believe was meant to portray that the two cannot always co-exist in harmony. While your mind wants to be free it is still restricted to reasoning, thus they fight. Your reasoning fights your freedom and carefree nature, trying to tame and control it, but the mind will always long for freedom and thus will never be tamed no matter what angles or whatever methods you use (shia using chains against maddie where she resists and escapes, then he tries to use the gentle approach to which he was bitten). Reasoning will get angry and lashout at this side of you, but you cannot truly hurt or banish your free side no matter how much you want, but your free side can injure your reasoning quite easily but truly wishes not to (notice how many times Maddie kicked him and threw him against the cage, but Shia could barely touch her. His hands are cut and bruised from the countless fights, but Maddie barely has a scratch). There are then times that reasoning and freedom are harmonious, resulting in bliss. They have truly accepted one another for what they are and are not. They realize they both need each other fundamentally. At this point your freedom will try to pull you into other things, but while your freedom is as it says, free, your reasoning and thought is not. At this point I believe that it was intentional that the cage gaps was indeed big enough for Shia to slip through, but it was all in his head why he couldn't truly leave (the cage). The freedom is there, urging you and tugging you to step outside your cage, showing you the way, but your reasoning is forever trapped in the cage that your mind created (to why tears formed for Shia in the end, he saw the way but he could never leave). Freedom is puzzled and wants to understand why you cant leave but cannot due to her nature. Reasoning wants to understand how freedom can leave but cannot due to his nature. And so it will be an everlasting fight. The more I watched the video the more I understood why SIA chose those actors to play those roles. The expressions needed to convey those ideas is not something you come across everyday (especially the last scene). It truly is unfortunate that some of us see it as something twisted instead of the piece of art it is supposed to be. The video could have been dumbed down for easier viewing and understanding, but some of its meaning would be lost. I watched the video a couple times to pick up the subtle hints (freedom is not restricted by the cage. She sees the cage, she walks around in it but it never restricts her movement, she rarely even touches it lest for entering and exiting the cage. Reasoning on the other hand interacts with the cage quite frequently. He climbs it, shakes it, punches it to show his interaction with it.) I find the video very accurately portrays today's world. Read more →
Sara Bareilles – Brave
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Explanation added by niasiathompson123
You can be amazing
You can turn a phrase into a weapon or a drug
You can be the outcast
Or be the backlash of somebody's
lack of love
Or you can start speaking up
Nothing's gonna hurt you the way that words do
And they settle ‘neath your skin
Kept on the inside and no sunlight
Sometimes a shadow wins
But I wonder what would happen if you
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I think that Sara was trying to say be your own person and also I think it means to be strong and don't hide in the shadow to always stand up for yourself you are your own person and don't let nobody change that also to speak up and be confident and nobody can tell you are not also one last thing is that the song was trying to say even if you get bullied you should stand up for your selfand speak out you can't let nobody change you. Read more →
Meaning added by losermusiclover
I love how the song starts off with him not wanting the girl and then it goes through their dating and ends with her dying after she gives birth to a baby. It's such a sweet song about growing up and going on to marry your spouse. It's so touching and it seems very sincere. I love that he loves her, and doesn't even care if he dies as long as she lives. I've never actually met anyone truly devoted and in love with their spouse. Divorce is such a common thing in our society, that we need a reminder not all of us are doomed to fail in our relationships. there's still such thing as devotion, protection, love, and even the possibility of death. No love is ever completely immortal, but it teaches us that love can reach out and touch others in many ways. We all need to seek out our true calling or soul mate. sometimes it's the kid next door and other times it's a stranger we meet at a random moment in the right time. we rarely find a love as pure as this song. Read more →
Meaning added by countrygirl1949
This song is about the Rising of the Scots - mainly the Highland clans - against the English King Edward, while the Scots King Edward and his heir, Prince Charles, lived in exile in France. The French King and other supporters helped with several abortive attempts to return Scotland's rightful king to his throne. All failed and thousands of Scots died on battlefields, in their homes, in the Highlands, all killed by English soldiers. The brave Scots warriors were the Flower of Scots manhood, fierce, strong, supreme fighters in hand-to-hand combat, and willing to die for their country, king, neighbor, friend, and kin. It was a different age. It was the end of the clan system of loyalty sworn to chiefs, replaced by the feudal system of kings, lords and peasants. This song is not about "Bonnie Prince Charlie" who was never a king or a leader of men in battle. It is about the best of the Highlanders who died at Culloden and elsewhere in Scotland during those years (1705-1745), when Scots tried to reclaim their own king and their own nation. They died for a cause that was lost before it began and that was the sorrow of it. Read more →
Explanation added by maya87
Sucker love, a box I choose
No other box I choose to use
Another love I would abuse
No circumstances could excuse
In the
shape of things to come
Too much poison come undone
'Cuz there's nothing else to do
Every me and every you
Every me and every you, every me, he
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Sucker love, a box I choose - I decided to enter this relationship and now, when you hurt me, I consider this to be my fault, too

No other box I choose to use - I only wanted you for all this time>
Another love I would abuse - I am not able to enter a new relationship because I still have feelings for you. If I d choose to enter a new one, I d hurt the new lover.

No circumstances could excuse - I could never use any circumstance to leave you, so I can't understand how you did it

Cuz there s nothing else to do - but I can't remember everytime that everything I m explaining you now is in vain because you won t come back

Every me and every you, every me - we are separate now, even if we were very close, like united in the same body, some time ago
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Explanation added by losermusiclover
If you see my girl
Just tell her I miss her smile
Tell her I'm counting the minutes
Gonna see her in a little while
He's making it sound (to me) that he's on a tour and he's separated from his significant other and he's lonely. He misses her. they're still dating or whatever they are because he says he's counting the minutes. He misses her smiles, just the little things. He's trying to make it sound like it won't be that long until they're reunited, so maybe it's close to the end of his (Maybe) tour.

So this is all my guess, so don't take me literally because I don't stalk the artists I listen to, so it's me guessing with out any proper proof backing me up.
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