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Charli XCX – Boom Clap
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Explanation added by skyrimgirl
You're the glitter in the darkness of my world
It means that he makes her happy when shes is sad, etc.

In this case, its this guy
Explanation added by BxCx
Hot summer nights mid July
The mention of 'Hot summer nights mid July' represents the feeling of numbness and reckless behavior. The summer experience is one of which is not a part of ones reality, it is a state of unconsciousness which people wish to last so that they don't have to experience anything which is real. The writer is trying to state that any feeling of which she had at this particular time were of a pulchritudinous display for her, but she knows that feeling is not real, she knows that the beauty must end with the ugly truth. The word 'Hot' is in different contexts, the heat temperature and the feeling she has as the experiences she had during this summer made her feel lost, so lost that she didn't want to turn back. The line reads that she knows the feeling is only temporary, she is aware that this experience cannot be brought into her world of reality, due to the fact that the summer feelings are too distracting to provide her with the knowledge that the unrealistic never lasts. Read more →
Explanation added by GeminisNightmare
There was a full moon in the sky.
We met a brand new robot friend.
At first, he seemed a little shy
He would not play pr
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"There was a full moon in the sky". Means it was midnight which was the start of the night guards shift. "We met a brand new robot friend". Means that the animatronics thought that the night guard was also a animatronic along with them. At first, he seemed a little shy". Means that the night guard would always hide in his office and would close the doors on the animatronics every time they came near the office". He would not play pretend". Means that the night guard would not come out of his office and see the animatronics.
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"Robert" is an outcast but not by choice. He lives in an abusive poor household and is neglected. His classmates and others his age dislike him and bully him. The taunts remind him of the faults in his life. He is very different. He thinks differently and has built up anger. He goes on an anger induced attack. The "pumped up kicks" speak of how his victims are those who bullied him and taunted him for having less the shoes are implying they have more money and belongings than him. His father is a drunkard the surprise is either a new woman from the bar or abuse. The "dinner" is alcohol. He waited so long to carry out his plan of attack and now he will be known for it. He reasons but not over the carry out of the attack. He finally had his chance to turn the tables taunt the bullies saying they lost their wits for fearing someone who in their eyes was lesser. Read more →
Explanation added by magz
While we're young, come away with me
Don't deprive yourself to the things that makes you happy. Love keeps us alive. Love, get hurt, learn from it and fall in ove all over again. Don't hold back. Seize the day with the one you love.
Explanation added by Lostbear
Well I know my Redeemer lives
I know my Redeemer lives
All of creation testifies
This life within me cries
I know my Red
eemer lives

The very same God
That spins things in orbit
Runs to the weary, the worn and the weak
And the same gentle hands that hold me when I'm broken
They conquered death to bring me victory
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"I know that my Redeemer lives" The words are from Job 19: 25. Job has turned upon the "comforters" who are blaming him for his own misfortunes; he has railed against the unfairness of his fate because he knows he is innocent of wrongdoing, and refuses to take the easy way out. E professes his everlasting faith in God - he does not know why God is doing this to him, or indeed why God allows the wicked to prosper and the good to be destroyed (it was widely believed at that time that if anything went wrong in your life you had displeased God, and if you were successful you had pleased him). Job knows that the criteria by which God is judged cannot be as simple as the ones we humans use. To us it seems unfair that evil prospers and good does not, but Job acknowledges that God is so much greater, so much more, than we are, that we can't use the same standards. We don't know how the heavens and all they contain were made, nor the earth with its myriad forms of life - only God knows. And only God knows why unharnesses and suffering occur - and even if we were told, we wouldn't be able to understand it, because next to our Creator we are nothing - and yet we and all creation are so beloved it is breath-taking. To Christians, the Redeemer is Christ - but we must never forget that Jesus is the Eternal God in human form, and that Job's Redeemer and hours are one and the same. Read more →
Nickelback – Far Away
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Explanation added by sophia ysabel yanga
I have loved you all along
And I miss you
Been far away for far too long
I keep dreaming you'll be with me and you'll ne
ver go
Stop breathing if I don't see you anymore
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It means that the artist misses his significant other and wants to be with her and he/she love him/her and dreaming of being with him/her.
I understand that there are arguments out there with Phantom vs Raoul, and I personally have to go with Raoul. He has known Christine since they were younger and deeply cares about her. The Phantom also cares about her, but killed many innocent people in order to get to her. So I think this song is simply Raoul and Christine proclaiming their love for one another and Raoul asking Christine to marry him and spend "one lifetime" with him as they share "one love". Read more →
Meaning added by Marie Van Wyk
The simplicity of it. Just how raw and relatable it is. I never noticed till now the whole video, he's alone. In the beginning he sits alone in a cafe, maybe a place he'd been with his lover before? Then in the middle he lays in the middle of the road at his wit's end just imagining he's not alone. He then lays himself across the ground, with no will to move while making a daily commute, trying to move on but not finding any real desire to. Then he lays at the edge of town presumably trying to relax, let go, take a vacation. But it still lingers with him. In the end he's laying in bed that looks like someone just left. I never really realized till I was older. He really didn't know what to say. If he had the right words he may have never written the song. If he had the right words he wouldn't be laying there in all that pain struggle to cope with his feelings. I never realized the song is actually beautiful because he's trying to show someone how he feels about them, that he thinks they're beautiful. He's trying to stop time before they're too far gone. Chances are they're already moving on. He's trapped in his own head. I guess the bright side is he wrote the song, he's now semi-famous. So there's that. {In all fairness this just my interpretation. I'm also pretty sure the title "chasing cars" is a reference to the futility of his own situation.}. Read more →
Owl City – Fireflies
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Explanation added by blacksparrow
But I'll know where several are
If my dreams get real bizarre
'Cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar
In my interpretation, the fireflies represents the friends and loved ones of the composer. Only few of them are true and never leave him. He value each one of them especially those who stay with him very much.
Delain – Generation Me
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Explanation added by selimser
In one-hundred-forty characters
The social media application, Twitter is referenced here since Twitter application has 140 characters limit tweets. This is basically about how unnatural and electronic our lives have become.
Explanation added by AvidReader
Make it one for my baby and one more for the road
Simplistically, he'd like one drink (of alcohol) to grieve for the loss of a relationship and one for the road. The 'road' is symbolic of the journey ahead of him which, will be hard time for him.
We can infer that t
he narrator of the song is male as the original artists of the song were male, as well as the artist who popularized the song (Frank Sinatra). Read more →
Explanation added by jkaun
Cause I just wanna look good for you, good for you
I just wanna look good for you, good for you
Let me show you how prou
d I am to be yours
Leave this dress a mess on the floor
And still look good for you, good for you
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She just wants to be good enough for him. So she wants to look good for him and so that's how she is showing hoe prod she is. And also shes gonna hint for some stuff to go on like having sex.
Explanation added by 5sosToy
She’s kinda hot though
Not exactly pretty, cute, or beautiful.
Hot: Expression for pretty (cute, etc).
Kinda: Not really or unsure.
Sentence you can use: That boy is kinda hot but he's not fully hot like Luke Hemmings.