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Explanation added by Powerpuff_Aibi
You painted black where my naked heart is
In color psychology this color gives protection from external emotional stress.

It creates a barrier between itself and the outside world, providing comfort while protecting its emotions and feelings, and hiding i
ts vulnerabilities, insecurities and lack of self confidence. http://www.empower-yourself-with-color-psychology.com/color-black.html)

Meg & Dia emphasized: naked heart. So it could mean that in the past, they welcome other things/people with open arms. But because of the artist that made them like that, they became cold, careful and protective of what they're feeling inside. Never allowing anyone to enter their doors.
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Explanation added by hobbit72837
To these memories I will hold
All of the memories they all gathered from the days of war and the days up running toward it and afterward. Bilbo Baggins has many memories from it all, all the hobbits he met all the people he lost and gained. It is
also the memories all of the others will carry with them. This one line has so many meanings and is a powerful line. Just like the memories that are also very powerful. They were all fighting against each other and eventually the war was over. Read more →
Ella Henderson – Ghost
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Meaning added by DSwissle
The song is set in two different times. The past and the present. The old man and the young teen are the guy. The young guy and girl were a couple and she drowned in the river where they used to meet up all the time. It was "their" spot. Anyways, the teen boy goes insane cause he was in love with her and he ends up getting the trouble with the law because he can't handle the pain of losing her. When he's in jail he keeps hearing her voice in his head and it keeps getting louder and louder. So, he decides to break out of jail and follow her voice. The voice brings him to the forest where he's chased by the police. He keeps trying to figure out where she's leading him too and he's getting frustrated and confused. That's why he's running around the woods. Then, his girlfriends ghost shows him his future if he continues with the life he's living. (This is where the old man comes in.) So, the girlfriend is trying to get him to forget about her so he can go back to living a good life. But then something strange happens and he runs into his future self in that hotel room and they both stop and look at each other. I believe this is some future-past dimension that was connected so they could find each other and maybe that means that he can go back and somehow save his girlfriend. Read more →
OneRepublic – I Lived
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Meaning added by MtchRB20
The video for this song does give a lot of insight into the meaning. I also believe it is a love letter of sorts to another person who is facing an obstacle in their life. At this time in my life, it comes across to me as a letter to a child who is facing a difficult and scary time in his life that must be overcome. The person sharing the words of the lyrics is hoping that the child or younger person faces what she is up against in order to live life to the fullest. Read more →
Explanation added by Laina_G
Sometimes the silence guides our minds
To move to a place so far away
Though they are exceptionally close physically, they are mentally in other worlds. The silence helps them to escape the current situation in other words, they are both fully aware of what is going on, he is cheating on her and knows it's wrong and she knows as well but neither of them want to really address it. Neither of them are particularly happy with their current situation but they choose to be oblivious to it. They don't want to be where they are so they travel in their thoughts to more desirable places. Which helps them forget about his infidelity. Read more →
Meaning added by Powerpuff_Aibi
This is a two-sided song which involved the side of a person who falls out of love, and a person who falls more deeply in love. Someone said to me that while the relationship goes, there is a large probability that one falls out, while one falls deep. I only fell in love once, and unfortunately he was the one who falls "out". We thought that we could fix "it", we thought that if we become strangers or friends again, at least no strings attached, we could fall in love again. In the end, it never worked out for him. He was bored of my love. Now, it's not the same without him. Read more →
Explanation added by Iamnatashaallen
I thought I'd buried you
He thought he has managed to get passed the depression he was suffering but instead he finally saw that he hasn't. He thought that the Oli that was suffering with depression was buried and he would be able to live a normal life and be "normal" but he couldn't cause no matter what it was there. In his own personal hell. Read more →
Meaning added by Powerpuff_Aibi
Although this song seemed like a girl on a painting, but I think it's more about a girl's first love. Since first-timers are naive they don't want to let go of the things they finally have a grasp to, like love. Love can be everywhere, but fear of rejection is one of the things that scares people. But in this case, she wasn't rejected, but used. She was used as a rebound of a broken person. Since she's naive, she doesn't know what she put herself into. When she slowly learned that what she's having is so far from fairy-tale, she grew tired. She knew the truth and it's too late to turn back. Read more →
Blink 182 – I Miss You
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Explanation added by MrPeel
Where are you and I'm so sorry
I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight
I need somebody and always
This sick strange darkn
Comes creeping on so haunting every time
And as I stared I counted
Webs from all the spiders
Catching things and eating their insides
Like indecision to call you
And hear your voice of treason
Will you come home and stop this pain tonight
Stop this pain tonight
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The pronoun change from "we" to "I" from the first to second main lyrical bodies is important, where in the first lyrical body, the singer puts emphasis on the couple with the repetition of "we" which takes away focus from the first singer's self, while the second singer's repetition of "I" is self-centered to place emphasis on what he sees and feels, for he can't experience the shared feelings of a couple with someone who isn't there.

The second main lyrical body is sung by a new singer who has a higher pitched voice, and it is broken up into three main parts where the singer changes his thought processes, as if he's thinking about so many diff
erent things at once. His first thought sequence starts with "Where..." and ends with "...time," where the singer expresses a heavy reliance on his loved one and describes the emotional impact of her absence on him; the first line begins with him asking where his loved one is and apologizing, perhaps after an argument that occured late one night. He then says "I need somebody and always this sick strange darkness comes creeping on so haunting every time." One key thing here is the singer's word choice of "somebody" instead of "you" which suggests that the singer doesn't care who loves him as long as they give him the love that he needs, so even the singer demonstrates a sublte lack of loyalty just as his loved one does, but it's justified because of her "treason." The other key thing here is the singer describing the darkness as "sick," "strange," and "haunting" which sets up contrast between the first singers understanding of darkness, who is completely enveloped in it, and the second singers understanding of darkness, or perhaps, the lack thereof for he sees it as a foreign and manevolent, while the latter sees it as native and intrinsic to his very being. Read more →