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Meaning added by Marc Batchelor
I have always interpreted this song as the singer being the blanket. "Just because we are married, don't mean we can't sleep around" suggests to me that the singer doesn't mind being used for a bit of fun. It suggests ( to me anyway) that she doesn't mind being led down and used. I'm probably miles off the mark but I often consider that when friends ask for casual sex. " I don't want you to just be a blanket on the ground". Read more →
Meaning added by Noma1
I love this song, in uplifts my soul so much when I am in my darkest days. It assures me that even though my enemies may encamp around me, the Lord will always guide me through, He will never leave nor forsake us. For this great assurance, I will bless the name of the Lord forever. Read more →
Yeah. Nakarelate din ako. Kaibigan ko si girl madalas magkuwentuhan dhil magkatabi sa upuan. Hanggang nadevelop feelings ko sa kaniya. Pero itinatago ko sa kaniya. Hanggang isang araw nalaman ko n lng sa isa pa nming kaibigan na crush niya ang kaibigan kong ka dorm mate ko din. Tapos ay kinukwento pa niya ang nakakakilig n moments nya sa crush nya. At ung crush nya nagiging crush na rin sya. Nalaman ko din n nagkacrush din sya sa akon nung una pero di na ngaun. Inilalabas ko n lng feelings ko sa journal ko. Read more →
The Truck Driver's song, "There Ain't No Easy Run" is analogous to life itself; one cannot expect it to run itself, and yes, it is sometimes difficult, but rather than "I quit", we need only be reminded of the purpose. Everything is related to LOVE. You can analyze any profession, and if you will focus on the WHY that you work, what is the basic reason that insinuates itself, you will find that your work is the path you have chosen to cover the needs and wants of your loved ones. You're the Driver, destination, unknown. Read more →
Yea i'm only 11 but guess what i'm still poppin I'm still poppin yeah i'm still poppin so yesterday I was chillin with my crew at school during receas then one of my besties cme up to me and said that blah blah blah thinks your cute then I be like oh really I know I am thx but I am way to young to have a bf well at least that's what my mom says at the end of the day at school I am walking to my auntie house with my friends zhamya,jashia,asia,and Jorge then asia yells omg there's a fight over there then we all go over there and everyone has there phones out and be like.....world star!!! Read more →
Some lyrics are missing at the end: "It's like you've been away until another day Another perfect day" I think the song is essentially about walking the earth as an immortal, either as a ghost or a vampire (hence the lyric "beyond the sun" and "an outcast all alone"). The chasm between you and mankind is death/the void. Over the thousand years of "living" you grow numb to seeing the suffering in the world to the point that you stop caring. The first line of missing lyrics could be a comment on how you can see your loved ones but they can't see you or can acknowledge your presence, so it feels as if they've been away and you'll see them the next day-since they're sleeping. Since the title of the song ends with a question mark, "Another Perfect Day?", I think the l missing lyrics at the end are sarcastic because you're really miserable. Read more →
Owl City – Fireflies
Editors choice
great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great Read more →
Dude, I think your date is about right. I recall this song being the intro to TW3 (That Was The Week That Was), which was a news parody well before Saturday Night Live or even Laugh-In. I was 13 at the time and my parents let me watch nothing even remotely controversial, but turned away when I sat, cross-legged, in front of the old black-and-white, while this was on. (No idea why or why not) David Frost was on TW3 along with some other notables my feeble old brain has forgotten. Read more →
This song pretty much means to me exactly what it says. I met this girl at work, nothing even close to what I would usually be attracted to. We started talking for only a few mins a day for months, then she disappeared, 5 months later, she came back to work. I ran into her as I was running to catch a bus to visit my mom in Wisconsin. She asked me if I remember her, I said "of course!". Asked if she was back, she said "yes" and because I was running late I just told her "see you on monday". She looked confused as I ran away. On Monday I invited her for lunch. We had lunch on Thursday, right there and then I told her how I felt about her. She immediatly after lunch asked me out for Friday. We did. We would have lunch a couple of times a week. In January I asked her out on an official date. She agreed. I surprised her with a cruise dinner in Lake Michigan. In that night we had THE DANCE. On that night I knew she would become the love of my life. Six months later last year. It ended with her leaving me. Since that night I've never seen her again and a year later exactly yesterday I bumped into this song for no reason what so ever, I just turned my pc on and there it was. Every word of this song describes our story and how I still feel about her. I wouldn't change that moment, that DANCE for all the riches in the world. I would gladly go through all this pain all over again just to have THE DANCE again! Love you Kim! Read more →
I think the first line "home is behind, the world ahead" id talking aboutvhaving to leave their homeband ho on the quest and pippin also sang it because he knew that the men the king sent out would die and few would retu. And the "all shall fade is refering to elves leaving. Read more →
i love the song i heard the song on one tree hill so i went to youtube to here the whole song and i loved it when i hear this song i think of my life with my boyfriend and how i always told him im not perfect to be honest to him and i wished he would finally see me for me but then he finally realized i am not perfect and im glad he finally sees that thats why i love this song  Read more →
Meaning added by Douglas DeWalt
National Air and Space Administration Astronauts are National Acrobats on wires bouncing and spinning in nose-diving jets before the cameras pretending to be in Space. They are hiding the Universal (reference Universal Studios Logo) secret of all-time. The secret is, and they know this, the Earth is flat, a dome-firmament encloses our atmos(hemi)sphere! All space travel is a serial hoax, a circus to hide the honest-from-God truth of the Genesis book's first chapter. Evolution, no meaning, no soul, no life after death are the empty spaces destroyed by this truth. To say it overtly is a thought-crime. Don't believe their lies, you will have life beyond this one. Make the most of it, don't be hating, live to love others. And wonder in awe, not fear of nothingness, about the next life when it seems to be your time to die. You will experience a new, enhanced life. Read more →
This song tells the story of a young mother going hoing home to see her parents, in Cincinnatti. She'd had it rough that year, possibly having started a new job in January or February, or gotten fired or laid off, or had to quit after who knows how long; anyway, point is, she had a lot on her mind, and wasn't paying close attention to the road ahead, like she should have been, with it being so late at night, not to mention, pitch dark outside. Suddenly, she hits a patch of black ice, and the car spins out of control. She throws her hands up, letting go of the wheel, begging Jesus to take over, pretty much saying "ok Lord, I get the message. I give up; I'm all Yours. You and I both know, I can't do this on my own; I need You." When the finally comes to a stop in the ditch, she looks back to check on her baby, like any good mother would, and cries in happiness and relief, when she sees her baby sleeping soundly and peacefully in the back seat, as though nothing had happened. Read more →
Meaning added by nufcac
Neiltheblue is right as far as I can see. Mum is having an affair with some guy from the top of the estate, he has killed himself leaving a note for her. She can't express her grief at loosing her lover to her family. As such, she is feeling lonely and the family don't know what wrong with her. The 'word means nothing' at all refers to her breaking her word by breaking her marriage vows. Therefore, when your word means nothing you feel lonely. Read more →
Meaning added by WhyEyeWine
Oh my God. Haven't you ever run into the most amazing looking individual, much younger than yourself, and you feel that you would give everything, I mean it all, to be with, to have her. She looks like the end of the earth. But, when you try to communicate, you painfully realize that rather than the end, she's just at the beginning and you must let her go. Read more →