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Awolnation – Sail
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Meaning added by Ril3y
This song has a special meaning to me. When I hear this song, I feel happy, sad, angry. This song touches my soul like no other song has. When I hear "Sail", I always envision a person fighting through a mob of people. When this person reaches the main villain, he gets beaten down. As the song picks up, the person gets back up, but with more strength and energy. He finally defeats the villain and saves the person/ people he was fighting for. I find that I can relate some parts of this vision to life: Fighting to save the things/ people you love, being beat down and then slowly rising to defeat the problem. We are all still fighting this fight, this fight against an unseen villain. We are all living in our own version of "Sail". Read more →
U2 – Exit
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Meaning added by tree_fruit
I really like their performance of this song from the Rattle And Hum tour. It's a dark song and I think it's about a young man who is confused about what love is; he's trying to shut himself off from his feelings, trying to freeze his heart with the cold night and the stars "like nails" and the steel pistol, but he can't ignore his heart beating so hard, and it creates a terrible conflict of what to do or who to be. Maybe similar to someone who has suffered abuse where love should have been and then struggles to love himself. The description is really chilling as if the man is about to go commit murder or suicide. In the live performance, Bono actually sings "The hands that build can also pull down. EVEN the hands of love." Read more →
There doesn't seem to be much hidden meaning with this song. The lyrics, while somewhat vague, seem to deal with the state of mind of an individual who commits self harm, and then eventually suicide. The opening of the song describes the protagonist as being isolated, and filled with hate ("locked away in a cage/my rage has got the best of me.") Jeffery's clean vocals, while out of tune and sometimes flat out ugly, show the anguish of the individual as his or her hatred begins to overcome them. They begin to feel as though "peace of mind and a place to rest" can only be found by way of self harm. As to the details, the song seems to hint towards cutting as the form of hurting oneself, as Jeffery bellows out that nothing could "save my life, cutting strand by strand." The band releases all of their fury as J-Mann chants and chants, "by strand, by strand, by strand, by strand." Until finally, the song closes, and we are left with only a guitar part, and one final whisper. Suicide, after all that the protagonist of the song has put the self through. Read more →
Meaning added by Leanne Walsh
This epic song by Pg 99 is one of their best in my opinion. I believe that it is talking about a young man's intense fear/nightmare. He has met a woman that he loves and has been thinking about kissing her for the first time. He worries that she might not have a positive reaction and that she will no longer want to be with him. As the song progresses, it talks about how she "dies in his arms now her love is a floating ghost" and this is when he tries to kiss her and she no longer loves him A.K.A her love is dead. But the man remembers her love and that's why it's a ghost. Near the end the song talks about how she will never return to his life, which hurts the man very much. The amazing thing about this song is how very poetic it is and it perfectly describes the fear that comes with a first kiss. Read more →
If you've seen the music video, Beyonce is showing us what life would be like if the male and female roles were reverse. She's giving us an insight to show us that it's not fair to either genders to be cheated on, lied to, and be neglected by their partners as he/she goes off with their best buds to a bar, or flirting with another man or woman. She's also saying that if you know what you're about to say or do that will hurt your partner, then you shouldn't because you know how it feels to be treated badly. So why should you let him/her go through it as well? Read more →
Meaning added by Xenophilia
She lets go of him because he asked for it. Maybe he was confused and he needed to find himself. Probably that's the reason why they broke up though it was painful for her. Now, she is still hoping that the guy would remember her, the feeling they had for each other and the reason he loved her before. Though it's a question for her if she has done something wrong to him, she's still waiting for the him and she's hoping that the freedom she gave him is enough for him to find himself and come back to her. Read more →
Meaning added by Michael Ivanivsky
To me, at first, this song was story about an insecure man. When he says, "Do you have the time to listen to me whine..." He might be scared that what he is saying sounds like he is whining. He then confused us (or at least me) with the lyric "Am I just stoned?" With that said, this song could possibly take on quite a few meanings. He might be stoned, he might be scared that people won't like him for talking so much. He might just be paranoid, as he guessed. With all this in mind, the song is definitely up for argument as far as the meanings. In my theatre class, I've learned that there is always no gray area between what you've done on stage, and what the audience perceived. In conclusion, I'm trying to say that whatever you got out of this song is what you should take out. Not anyone's opinion... I hope that helps for some of you! Read more →
Meaning added by Kitty105
I think this song is about a relationship ending and the guy is obsessed with the girl. He talks about love dying and him staying on her mind and haunting her in her dreams. He tells her that nobody will treat and love her the way he did. Wearing a scarlet letter, I believe, means that she is precious and he wishes her good luck in finding someone or something better than him. During the song he repeats this. In the middle he says, how, if she finds a new guy he will spill lies to him (probably to break them up). Near the end he starts talking about the "picture perfect" guy for her. I believe he is realizing that he needs to move on and she deserves the "picture perfect" guy for both of them to be happy or satisfied. He says that, "until that day arrives" he will fill her boy with lies. "Skeletons sitting by her closet", probably means her ex-boyfriends. "No one heard my screams" might mean nobody saw how much the break up hurt him badly inside. (Anyway, I'm not 100% sure that's what this song means but its how I view the song's meaning. I hope it's how you guys view it also). Read more →
Jason Mraz – I'm Yours
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Explanation added by spiritanimal
No more, no more.
It cannot wait
Can't take the suspense anymore, I can't wait any longer. My heart is getting restless and needs to know if your willing to come into it and love me for who I am, as I have always loved you. I'll treasure you forever and won't let anyone talk nasty. Just let me when you're ready because I'm beginning to become restless when you're not giving me a straight out answer about what I'm indirectly telling you right now through this song. Read more →