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Serj Tankian – Honking Antelope lyrics

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  • m
    Ah Also if you've seen the music video for it there are robotic monkey's which are supposed to represent us (we evolved from monkeys) and the other flying angelic like things are supposed to represent nature destorying us with machines and one injured monkey is taken by a angelic robot and taken through the clouds and in the sky where is shows the monkey the beauty of nature and how the monkey's are destroying it then when the angelic thing is taking him back to the city it is shot down by the monkey's planes. The monkey lands and when he get's up he notices a beautiful flower that was squished by him when he landed on the ground and looks at the city. During that time Serj is singing "Wouldn't it be great to heal the world, With only a song" and I think that means that one person can make a difference and you don't have to follow everyone else and think there is nothing you can do to help change our civilization and the world as a whole.
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  • k
    Song reflect egoism and contagious stupidity of human race. We are here cause the Earth is here. Earth is not here for us! When I was young the winters were beautiful, under -15 C and summers up to 32 C. Now winter is rainy and summer hot and I am only 31. If I drive through the land I see everywhere poisoned Earth. Please save what we did not destroy yet! For me Earth has higher prize than 6mld people, because no Earth no man. If we catch the last fish, cut the last tree and poison the last river then we'll check that money is not to eat!
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  • d
    This song is about what were doing to the earth and were not taking it serious. Nature based being will survive means the animals will survive while we die in our own idiot-filled minds because we wont do anything to help the enviroment. Apocalyptic days of now means were going to die soon because of global warming, and if we don't act there will be no future. Wouldn't it be great to heal the world With only a song means one man can make a difference, just don't expect them to do with out help. Also in the video it shows near the end that flying thing carrying the monkey means one man can save us all, he just needs help and time.
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  • p
    I doubt that "Wouldn't it be great to heal the world With only a song" represents that one person can change the world, because if it could, things wouldn't be as fucked as they are. I believe what he's trying to say is "wouldn't it be great if more people woke up to the truths being told". No one person can change the world, however they can inspire others to help it change.
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  • m
    The song is supposed to the opposite of how you see a antelope on the front grill of a car that was just hunted by a hunter and Serj wanted to make the song if it were backwards and the Antelope was hunting humans. He even says it in an interview that he made himself you can see it on YouTube. It's pretty much saying what if we weren't an intellegent human race and we were just animals would the world be like this if another species had the chance to be as intellegent as humans would they be like this?
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