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Serj Tankian – Empty Walls lyrics

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  • s
    This song is all about poetry, it is about the morning of the Armenian Genocide, how he says "dying of anticipation" is refering to the Armenians and how they expected the war in their sleep. "Chocking from intoxication is when the turks threw special grenades that were filled with poisonous gas. And how he says "don't waste your time on coffins today" Is how when during the Armenians were forced out, many of them died from starvation and most people didn't have time to bury them.
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  • t
    I understand where you are coming from Dragonwingz. About the armenian war. But! You really need to go back and watch the video again if you believe its about that or even just that
    it is obviously about the wa in Iraq. At the beginning of the video it shows how a toy plane flies into 2 towers this is a dead give away, and also when they pull down the giant teddy bear off the big block which represented the soldiers ripping down the giant statue of Saddam Hussein that this song is about is about this most recent war. This song talks about us as the people, the civilians need to remove our heads from our back sides and see what kind of living hell we are putting these people through for nothing. B/c these people had nothing to do with this war or the twin towers it was a group from Afghanistan. But! You cannot hold an entire country accountable for a few peoples doing. But! We also need to see that where these terrorist learned to fly was from an american aviation school. That's right made my stomach turn when I found that out too. Once again this is a song about how people need to realize war isn't a very dignified way to settle differences and that we should not be listening to corporate america telling us this war is completely reasonable and is for our freedom b/c that is total bs. Defending our freedom my rump all we are doing is removing these poor peoples freedom, and stealing from them
    on the other hand some wars have a good reason to an extent but this particular war has absolutley no point.
    Overall this is a brilliant song.
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  • r
    Those of you who are watching the video and not listening to the lyrics don't get it. Clearly Serj is no advocate of Bush and has stated so publicly. That said, the video and the song is clearly about how ignorant war is and I say that as an Infantry Soldier.
    War is ignorant and that goes for both sides of the conflict. The attack on the world trade center was perpetuated by a bunch of childish, murderous thugs who have no life outside of murder and destruction.
    The invasion of Iraq was overkill as a result of 911 and equally ignorant only not for the same murderous objectives (unless of course you are a "Bush is a war criminal" moron).
    In short, I think you guys are thinking too much on this one. Serj is a brilliant artist no doubt, however, this song and the video is nothing more than an extension of his feelings that war is ignorant.
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  • g
    Just my opinion but.
    I feel that this is about the war on terrorism (e. G. The two block towers being hit by the plane (world trade center), the bear being pulled off the stand (saddam being overthrown) and the kids being suicide bombers)
    Empty Walls, in my opinion, is describing the box all of the government back home are in, thinking we will win the war with our current strategy.
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  • j
    Allow me:.
    The twin towers had sirecomm security, which was in the hands of marvin bush (look it up). He's the family member you don't hear too much about no wonder why! Several of the Arabs in 9/11 that were framed were protesting the allegations in Saudi Arabia shortly after b/c they were not in the planes and were being framed as such, one of them was even dead before 9/11 even occured. The ny/Nj port authority ran the area's surveillance before Lewis Eisenberg became the chairman of the port and put it into the hands of Larry Silverstein and Frank Lowy, which are Zionist billionairres, for one is the chairman of the us/Israeli Jewish Appeal and the other was former Commando in Israeli Army. Look this up! Ironicallly, Marvin Bush terminated the wtcs insurance company right b4 9/11. There no reason Qurans should be involved when clearly 9/11 was a strategy to invade the middle-east and begin imperializing the region. This all makes if you truly understood who controls the power of the world (namely the zionists. Followers of illuminati, which strives for the new world order: a world under one government, one currency, and one religion). The war on Islam instigated the following: Afganstan would not have beenpossible without 9/11. Iraq would not have been possible w/out Afganastan. Iran would not be possible w/out Iraq. And America is transfering its bases from Saudi Arabia to Iraq, thus Saudi Arabia will go from ally to terrorist in a matter of time. Pakistan is already in a state of emergency and will continue to be so, so long as our elites keep funding the Taliban to ruin their government the same way we funded Taliban and Al-Queda to fight the Soviets specifically in Afganastan many years ago. And our fickle-minded citizens will take whatever cnn and fox propagate with a grain of salt.
    Half of System of a Down is Lebanese, including Serj Tankian. A former member was Iranian, but the other two current members are Armenian. They are talking about everything, not just Afganastan. They show the twin towers, they show the bear being pulled down symbolic of Saddam's statue we pulled down, road-side bombs were present, not to mention the Summer 2006 Israeli invasion of Lebanon! It is all-inclusive, and I am loyal fan of Serj!
    Btw. You all should check out immortal technique. He's an "underground hip hop artist." YouTube him and listen away. He is the definition of true rebel music. Revolutionary conceptuality spits out of him like nobody's seen before! =D
    Peace brothers and sisters!
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