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Serj Tankian – Feed Us lyrics

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    I don't really know what the majority of the song is about. Maybe government lies, maybe something else. What I actually can interpret is the line "We had our chance to save the Garden/As it dies, our souls will harden". Looks a bit like a biblical reference to me (Not that I'm religious at all. Athiest actually) what with humanity having a chance to preserve the Garden of Eden in Genesis(?) and failing while subsequently having their souls "harden" to the world around them due to humanity's banishment from the Garden. Just my two bits.
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  • c
    When you dont' tell us the whole truth, we never really know what America stands for and we ourselves are America. Our reputation internationally is fueled by the actions of our government, while we are responsible (in part) for electing the officials, once elected we have no choice in any matter. We are America, yet our image is created by the Machine and we are ill equipped to stop it.
    "She speaks unrehearsed,
    Language from the skin"
    ~A fake, a phoney, she speaks unrehearsed yet she did rehearse, she is a spokeswoman after all. Language from the skin; so natural, so honest (or so it seems).
    "Painting shadows on the faces of the dead"
    ~ This is so wrong; Taking away their identity. They become dead soldiers, not your dead friend Tony. Just a nameless number with no face. It takes away the sting of war and of death. Especially if its someone connected to you.
    "In front of their windows"
    ~ As the families watch from the homes they used to share with the deceased. They are lied to and minimalized. As though it was their duty to give their beloved child to a war which was perpetrated unethically, through lies.
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  • k
    This song is about the war. The east is made of gold because of the oil. The soldiers are dying and it's almost like they are expendible because the oil is more important. We are all being lied to and cheated. All the events of our lives lead up to our death, we had our chance to do the right thing but it's to late. All we can do now is pray.
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