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Serj Tankian – Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition lyrics

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  • b
    Hmmm. I do like your interpretation, but I thought of something else with the meaning of "Praise the lord and pass the ammunition". I think you may have overinterpreted it in a few areas, but I think the nlilith conclusion was fundamentally correct.
    To me it seemed to refer to all humans. We pray to God before a battle, a being who does not condone war and violence, and in our own hypocrisy and ignorance do not realize the irony of our action.
    To all of you idiots who think violence and bad language will win over a well thought conclusion, you are the type of people these songs are written about.
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  • p
    I agree with Blacksheep in a sense. After all, religion has been the one of the greatest reasons war was started.
    As humans, we tend to prosecute anyone who differs from ourselves. There have been so many wars started in the name of religion, despite of the fact that I have yet to find a religion that supports murder.
    We fight, die, and kill in the name for our lord saying that it's spreading his love.
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  • z
    Well personally I believe in no way is this song about rededication to the Lord. Quite the opposite in fact. While the lyrics tell a lot of the story the art of this song did not stop there but is also prevalent in the music video.
    Really idk I could go into more detail but its kinda pointless. The whole song is looking at how ridiculous it is that everyone is always fighting over religion. "oh my invisible man is more omnipotent than your invisible person" Get over youselves!
    Spirituality good, Religion Bad. Now stop fighting over it!
    This song is making an example of all religions. Don't think your free from it cause your catholic, muslim, or hindu. Really Tank123 had it right.
    Lol Sheilah is just a person who doesn't want to believe what is staring her in the face. Nice job on the research but don't avoid the major meaning behind the song because you don't like that message.
    I mean come on the meaning is 'Rededication to the Lord"?
    When the whole song is out in the open making fun of that very idea?
    I'm sorry but if it wasn't so blatently obvious I wouldn't point out that your view is one that is completely obscured by your own beliefs and doctrine.
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  • c
    I can't help but think that this is an evil eye at george bush, who claimed that god told him it would be right to invade iraq, so using a god to justify an illegal war, and succeeding, but also being aware that other wars have been fought for the sake of god; god fearing people fighting god fearing people because they don't fear god in the same way they do!
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  • ChrisFishA-CrossRiff
    I will be the first to admit that most wars started because of religious differences. But it's not that simple. Most wars-such as the one we're in now-start because of violence within the religion. Islam in it's original form and it's translation from the Quran is a very violent religion. It is convert or die (or become and infidel. Which they are told to kill as well). Back in the Dark Ages when the Catholics ruled more than just the religious side of life, they persecuted people who wouldn't conform. In the Bible, the Jews were usually persecuted for their beliefs. Wars would either start because someone was angry with the Jews, or because the Jews were tired of being picked on.
    The phrase "religion causes wars" makes it seem like Christians (just as an example) start war because another country doesn't accept the doctrine. And that is completely false. As long as a person isn't breaking the worldly set law, then a Christian country will not wage war. It's when religions like Islam start to kill for no reason and claim it's in the name of their god that we will get involved.
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