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Tony Yayo – Obama lyrics

[Verse 1:]
100 strikes like frank castles
We fillet minjong at white castle
4-10 cause I don't like to wrestle
My bitch a 10 and she'll blast you
I use food stamps in the streets yo
Now I gotta cool ranch like doritos
Spending euros, flashing bankrolls
In the louie store, with a centre fold
Real classy chick, good hygiene
You know what I mean, jay redd jeans
So there's money in the bing, ice crystals in the ring
Boss, I could sneak a pistol in the bing
You a king, I'm achilles, roll up the phillies
I behead a nigga with the semi

[Chorus: x2]
I got that white that sammy sosa
X pills call em lady gaga
Dope bags is stamped obama
We gettin money, gettin money, yeaa

[Verse 2:]
Real niggaz coming home wonder what they missing
Drive by the strip the hood dissappearing
First day home shaun broke curfew
A repetitive criminal mind it I'll curse you
But fuck parole mild treatment
He headed outta town and he bout to hit a sweet lick
3 brick of that raw heroine
Him and money gotta bond taking risks ain't a thing
His P. O call him he say report in
Shaun like fuck that I'm balling
It's 3 o'clock time to make the dead drop
55 keys I'l take him to the top
Bump the D. E. A and F. B. I
He cookin up meth with a white cutie pie

[Chorus x2]

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