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Tony Yayo – Thousand Grams lyrics

A thousand grams connect wiped out
A thousand grams connect wiped out
Da feds got a check from the whitehouse
Da feds got a check from the whitehouse

[Verse 1:]
C4 in your kids kindergarden cubby hole
You go pick him up I blow up the school
A little drug money never really hurt nobody
Flip a half a brick, get a purple mazi
Ain't nothin but clarity on my scale
Addicts feel the agony popping pills
Model california medical want her
You with a silly rat she got mile on her
A hunnid thousand on my b.b.m page
2 meth labs crime really really pays
It's like magic how them things dissappear
It's like pullin a quarter from behind my ear

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Rule number 1
Multiple guns, multiple holsters
Dat combo will work incase niggas try to smoke ya
Rule number 2
Keep a nice ankle carry
My a.c.g boot cut hold a dirty harry
Rule 3 don't fall in love witcha strap
Especially if you put in work get rid of that
Rule 4 start off small but don't buy a fuckin pony
I bett this.44 betallion get these fuckers off me
Rule 5 I'm strapped when I re-up
For them alicia keys you get swizz cheesed up
5 thousand grams connect wiped out
Da feds got a check from the whtehouse

[Chorus x2]

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