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Tony Yayo – Streets Keep Callin Me lyrics

[Talking: Tony Yayo]
Yea nigga get a mixtape out or something nigga
Fuck, they talk bout these fucking rappers man
I do this shit for the money man
Staright g's man
Word up, it's the talk of new york nigga they don't how
Niggaz know what time it is man
For real man I'm getting all this money this year
Taking it back to the streets
Never see y'all niggaz in the hood
For real man, yea

[Tony Yayo:]
Nigga ashes to ashes, and dust to dust
Live it up get money nigga bust a nut
Boy you gangstes are tough and the guns you bust
For that 25 to life straight fucking you up
Listen in the projects niggaz die over rumors
And close head shots give niggaz brain tumors
Hell yea, everybody hustle round here
I don't play by the rules cause the game ain't fair
My team is monopilising, marketing and advertising
Wet on a beach with a freak while the sun rise
I'm in the coupe driving while you on the stoop rhymin
You rappin for free nah dog that ain't me
I get a g every line, my fans online
You ain't richer than me stop watching mine

[Chorus: Tony Yayo]
The streets keep calling me
The keep calling me back
But it ain't where I'm from it's where I'm at
They keep on calling me
They got me riding strapped
With a bitch from vitesse with her head in my lap
The streets be calling me
You can see me out in public
I stay in the hood I be giving up bubbly
The streets keep calling me, keep calling me
I'm addicted to the streets they keep calling me
They keep calling me, they keep calling me
I'm addicted to the streets they keep calling me

I use to want props, now I want property
Nigga I ain't tryna be, caught up in narcotics beat
You got the cream and blobby but it's not ikeem
Ironically, I can make you feel the rockets is not a game when the llamas
You yesterdays news, tomorrow came
Now your plots a grave my hollow shots fuck up your concentration
I gots the montego flow, I rock with yayo
Real recognise real, watch what you say yo
Love is love but acknowledge hate shown
From niggaz who grren from envy or rocks on they clothes
You better ask somebody, who's stash is mighty
How many friends from the past that there's beside em
Of course I'm just talking bout your man that's grimey
Those who stay true should be right there by you
But god bless the chld who could hold his own
If you earn it you deserve it no man can deny you


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