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Tony Yayo – Smokin' Now lyrics

[Intro: Tony Yayo (Young Buck) {DJ Whoo Kid}]
Yeah! (uuuh-oooh! ) {CAN'T FORGET YOUNG BUCK! }
Yeah! {Whooo
Kiiid! }
Yeah! {"BUCK THE WORLD"! } (YEAH! )
Listen! {LET'S GO! } [gunshot]

[Chorus: Tony Yayo (Young Buck)]
Niggas is totin' now. (YEEEAAAH! )
Niggas is smokin' now. (YEEEAAAH! )
Niggas is jokin' now. (HEEEY! ) {ALL STAR... }
Niggas is totin' now. (LET'S GOOO! ) {WEEKEND! } [shot]

[Tony Yayo (Young Buck):]
G-Unit in the house now show some love.
I got my spur in the lot - and my strap in the club. (COME ON! )
I Used to sip on Bub. - now it's Cristal Rose
And shorty dancin' all on my pistal nose. (HAHAAA! ) {COME ON! } [gunshot]
I got the - hydro burnin', got the burner and the stash
When I leave this club - it's gauranteed ass! (whooo! )
My niggas ain't ask they all straped Up
Make one false move get your ass clapped Up! (BOOM! )
We get that dough, diamonds glow, holes in my vehicle
Forty-fo', act a fo, nigga I'm seein' you. (YEAH! ) [gunshot]
And don't ask 50 if Tony's rich! (Naaah! )
I got a dog named dollar like - Richie Rich. (YOOO! ) {HAHA! }
And I don't love hoes! - Fuck a bitch!
Nigga you a pimp, you not supposed to trick! (hahaaa! )
If that's a rolex it's not supposed to tick,
I got so many hoes, I need another dick! - Yeeeah! (COME ON! )

[Chorus: Tony Yayo (Young Buck)]
Niggas is smokin' now. (LET'S GO! ) {"OFF PAPERS"! }
Niggas is totin' now. (WHATTUP NIGGAS?) ("DJ Whoo Kid... on Hot97! ")
Niggas is jokin' now. (YEEEAH! ) {G-UNIT RADIO! }
Niggas is totin' now. {DAMN! } [gunshot]

[Young Buck:]
Desert Eagle! - Red monkeys, wife beater. (YEAH! )
A gang leader with' your bitch in her two seater. (C'MON! )
Dirty nigga! - Tattoos, bullet wounds (HEEEY! )
Hollowtips. - We comin' to your hood soon. (HEEEY! ) [shot]
{Whooo Kiiid! }
Dope money! - Rap money, your money! (WHAT?)
Death to the niggas that whoever stole from me {"BUCK THE WORLD"! }
Soldier! - Battlefield, frontline. (LINE! )
Shotguns! - AK's! Glock nines! [2 gunshots] (YEEEAH! )
Hustla! {DAMN! } - Balla, big boss! (HUH?)
Broke niggas! - Bitch niggas get lost!
Crack babies! - Base heads, dope fiens! (DOPE FIENDS! )
Come on, I thought this was the "American Dream". (AAAIGHT! ) {Whooo! }
Heroin! - Cocaine, PCP! (WHAT?)
Angel dust! - X pills, LSD! (LSD! )
Fuck with' me! - Show me love, holla back! (HEEEY! )
Mexicans! - White people and the blacks. - Come on!
{Kiiid! }

[Chorus: Tony Yayo (Young Buck)]
Niggas is smokin' now. (YEEEAAAH! ) {SHA MONEY... XL! }
Niggas is totin' now. (YEEEAAAH! )
Niggas is jokin' now. (HEEEY! )
Niggas is totin' now. (YEEAH! ) [gunshot] [beat stops] {DAMN! }

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