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The Devil Wears Prada – Sassafras lyrics

This is the faith!
This is the faith complex,
Where all it takes is another step so we can then step again
It's not all about the numbers
This is the faith!
This is the faith complex,
Try not to write another disappointing letter to integrity,
Only go faster when you've stopped and thought,
Only go slower when you've learned of wisdom.
Everything is a question of goodwill,
But we're too busy delivering answers with arrogance,
Isn't it funny how ones compassion diminishes when his or her own perils rise?
Perils Rise
It's not all about the numbers,
What should we ask for?
Who should we look to if all we know is burning bridges
Don't speak to me like I'm a stranger.
Turn your thoughts to the roots,
As we've all been caught up in the branches.
With roots above and branches below,
Don't run if you don't know your walk,
This is the faith complex,
This is a memoir to friends persisting.
This is the faith complex!

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    To the unregistered poster below. Are you sure it's the lyrics and not the instrumentals and screaming that move you? Even before people outside of the music scene were ever asked their ideas on the meaning of these lyrics, the meaning towards the lyrics put into these songs were meant to be religious. The band members have a christian background and are trying to help others understand what it means to them, and also reaching out to their audience.
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  • l
    To plainpreacher their God is not the devil I'm sorry you don't understand so let me help you out a little! It's the same concept as their lyrics 'emeralds hold no hope' and many others. What they believe it to mean is that possessions don't matter at all and someday everyone will realize that this is true. When standing before God, he won't care about your sweet Prada scarf or Gucci shoes or whatever. It's a Christian reasoning for the name, they didn't name it to attempt at being fashionable or whatever. So just because their way of delivering Gods word is diffrent don't pass judgment. I think it is great what they are doing they are speaking to the younger generation. God doesn't care what we wear how cool we are or what music we listen to as long as we are worshiping him! So God Bless and try and open your mind and hear a little!
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  • a
    Woww, @ plainpreacher.
    This "garbage" has turned a lot of people, including myself, towards a life of Christianity and has helped me in cleansing myself, also. I haven't smoked/drank/done anything of that matter since I went to my first The Devil Wears Prada show last July. That's almost a year. And my friends, nor my family could do that, but these guys and their faith, and the meaning behind these lyrics pushed me to. If you're a Christian yourself, why on God's good Earth are you putting down other people's ways of communicating the faith? Seems to me that you need to put your Bible, (which to you seem to just be words, and not the full meaning that they're supposed to hold,) down and go embrace another way of finding our Lord Jesus Christ, because that comment indefinitely shows that you're not a "man of the Bible", as your username and way of thinking are being expressed. Open your mind, dude. God Bless you, and God help you see that there are other ways of finding God than the Bible.
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  • t
    they're not different than any secular band?! How could you possibly say that? Or maybe I missed how there is a single song that talks about things of this world and nothing about God whatsoever (sarcasm for those that couldn't notice) every single one of there songs is basically saying "stop living the lives you're living and live for Christ" "the things of this world is meaningless and only a speck in our eternity"
    This song clearly talks about how most Christians today just care about the numbers, how many people they have in their religion, it's not even about religion, it's about serving our Lord Jesus Christ! What tdwp is trying to say in this song is that, don't just preach them leave them, help them to build their own personal relationship with their God!
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  • o
    The only thing I see here is an attempt to mask and paint it as christian. Anyone can take covert language and interprit it to mean what they want it to mean. Whats the standard here? I can't find a quote from the scriptures? Nor can I find a bridge to them. If the meaning is not clear then it is left up to the amount of evidence presented. The evidence suggests that this group is no different than any other secular band.
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