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(SIC)Monic – To The Fiendz... lyrics

Revelation, resurrections, are you human?
Does your blood leak out from your wounds.
Flesh for martyrs, love your brethren
Would you give your life to save them?
Or do you just care for yourself?
To the fiendz that make it all possible to the ones that live on the street
Filling up minds with despair
Through the dregs of addiction toxify this fucking earth
Concrete lives and chemical low degradation my children of hell shall convene
There giving up blood to survive
So they fiend and they beg to make everything different it seems so wrong
And I wont make any promises that I can't keep to you
But one promise I can keep you'll never take my soul
To the thieves that make it all possible to the sickening heretics and the ones
Who slaughter there own
To the most righteous of murderers the loneliest who sacrifice dreams into fires
Daylight bends into nite at illusionary moments and the one who barely survives
Will eventually be the voice
That is taunting and screaming leaving you void of your dignity now whose
Never make a hopeless man do
Hope hopeless things
Never take your life into your
Own hands I say
Lack of fear means lack of faith
So what do you believe
I am not ashamed of who I am
I am not ashamed...
I couldn't ever believe in a word you say delicately when you speak it fades
Away no one can stop me when I'm in this state
These entities demented
Fantasy of a harmony so discontent premonitions of your eyes so evident
Bled dead you cannot trust me
Death engulfs eyes blood soaked twitching deformed
Damn your gun feels so good when it's down my throat
And it feels even better as it blasts out the back of my skull
Now you will know what it feels like to live in fear
Couldn't be the color in your eyes
Delicate deformities so deep inside
Never gonna be the one who hides from entities
I crave
I need
I'll do anything...

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