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(SIC)Monic – Acidic Epiphanies lyrics

This is the resurrection of the defeated in eleven years of suffering the
Cycles completed and a broken pathetic violent soul is now breathing darkest
Animosity and the purest of meaning the murderous parasitic call of the
Bleeding What do you see when you sleep my dear a thousand faces that do change
From a pale dark star To blood red oh but it's all a fantasy only lost inside a
Dream will you find reality and locked between what you see and what you feel
In time will lead you into the depths of the heavenly divine Staring into a
Corrosive paranoid display of shadowed mirrors darkened sunlight and bloody
Decay I've dwelled in shadows and walked among the living dead only to rise
Above all the lies that you spread you spread nothing but absolute hatred and
Despair risen from the ashes I am now aware This is the revelation of the
Unneeded who finds himself in an acidic reality breathing the hopeless and
Frail accusations that are feeding darkest animosity and the purest of meaning
The murderous parasitic call of the bleeding how long till you play the victim
Again your fucking hideous form will never tear another tear from my chest
Built upon a tragedy wish you would open your eyes it deeply saddens me and
When the heavens do fall open up your arms and say I always knew that my life
Would fucking end this way Staring into a pathetic effigy inflamed by every
Tortured encrypted soul who cries in vain those who will do in the name of what
They don't understand those who live breathe and strive realize that they
Spread you spread nothing but absolute purity luminous blades dreams of the
Love of the kiss I know longer belong to this world calm suddle vibrations drag
Me by my neck across this darkened sky gotta let it go I belong to the sky as I
Drift and I dream and it feels as if I am dead levitating through caustic frail
Pathetic kinetic pollutants and vertigo gotta let it go There's just no way you
Can make me for when I twitch all alone only then can I never has there been a
Soul that can reach me for no matter how cancerous you seem to be can't let it
Go this visual painted in blood can't let it go I'm built only to deconstruct
Not to function echoed paralyzed devastating corruption perils tear my soul
From my limbs I can't feel them no more tears lies love fears heartbeats love
It's broken Metamorphosis reserved only for the gods I've been changing
Pinnacles of excess to the moonlight to the sunlight infest my body separate my
Soul from this earth because I can't let it go this visual painted in blood can't
Let it go.

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