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(SIC)Monic – Requiem lyrics

As I open up the door to find you I blink and then your gone given to infinity
Blanket in meditative obsession memories now do race through my mind symphonies
Of thought I'm unable to find to fill the void between my soul and my thoughts
Here is how it all began
You tortured heart left to trembling hands that tried to grip the sand locked
In an hourglass the gray shapes that blind you the demons will find you and
Lead you back home you satisfied the craving when all your raving lunacy
Brought you to your knees and I still remember the words you spoke you'll never
Leave And I'm still waiting for you to return but the truth is your better off
Locked far away
And as I look beneath the floors where you once dwelled I'm finding evidence of
How you must have felt a book of photographs containing your own face but
Missing your eyes and piles of razorblades and by your bedside lays a book of
Half finished venomous scriptures tale of calamity and crumbling existence
Humanities frailties and divine resistance and as you know watch me wander
Through madness craving all my complicated festering sadness believing all
These walls are closing around me echoing all these thoughts back through my
Head I'll satisfy the craving when all my raving lunacy brings me to my knees
And I still remember the words you spoke they'll never leave Lay on your back
In cloudy fields of forever look at the clouds in brilliant patterns so
Clever disintegrate into the earth and remember the feelings we shared about
Our sickening surrender and I just don't know how to explain what you took when
You left me a piece of my mind my soul my breath my existence leaving only
Moments tattooed in my memories and for the love of god I cannot accept what
Infinity took from me I cry out on theses sleepless nights hoping that you'll
Somehow feel my energy you satisfied the craving when all your raving lunacy
Brought you too your knees and I still remember the words you spoke they'll
Never leave.

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