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Lokevelli – Careless lyrics

(I didn't learn it at all. It comes naturally to me like other curious things.)
"I don't give a fuck. About nothin. So fuck you."

No release
Don't get peace
I just sit and smoke this weed
Pop these pills, snort this crack
Lay around wishin' my life's on track
Ain't no help aint no friends
Everybody wants to take my ends
Fuck their minds, you can't break me
Getcho wife and new-born baby
Yeah I'm lazy, fuck you, pay me
No one's here to fuckin save me
Fuck your college
Fuck your progress
Fuck your props, ya mom and pops
I don't even care I can't cope
Would care if I slit my throat
I just choke on these words
Say em out loud but it goes unheard

I don't give a fuck, I don't give a fuck
I don't care, I don't care [x2]

(I don't give a fuck leave me alone)
Everybody sayin Lo Key was wrong
I just tell em it's been to long
So please stop your talking
Pay my bills and keep on walking
This is just sick'nin
Y'all aint list'nin
Better bout move to pistol grip
And pistol whip your childrens chin in
Everybody probly wanna pop my disk in
(I don't give a fuck leave me alone)
I really wanna change, it's so hard
Nothin can erase these scars,
Add me to your fuckin playlist,
Take it out when I get famous.
Tear down all those pictures of me
That you held when I was hungry
Tell your friends I'm fucking ugly,
I went big -- so Motherfuck me!
It's so funny how you treat me
Sayin I changed your life completely
Buy my cds, 'fraid to meet me,
Ask for a pic when yall come see me
Down the road you'll say I'm greedy
What about when I picked your cd
What about when I told you sweety
Now take off that sleezy sleepy

[Chorus x2]

(I refuse to care, I refuse to care
I refuse to care, and y'all can never hurt me)x4
I'm boss in a world that I can't fit in
So I just tell you I'm just kiddin
When I say I'm losin patience
With my life and beg you take me
I can't blend with my surroundings
It don't stop my life from drowning
It don't stop my rhyme from clouding
Up the brain my face is shrouding
Everything I worked so hard for
Seems to just be slippin farther
Like a black coat take it from me
Every word I say so humbly
You don't have the strength to kill me
Shut your mouth and suffer with me
Put the gun right to your chin
Show me that you're fucking wicked
If you don't diss out that rappin
Bout tech nines and pistol packin
Murder killin system jackings you of it so
Fuck your magnum
Fuck your cds
Fuck your groupies
Fuck your band and
Fuck your movies
Fuck them words you sayin to me
Shut your mouth and fuckin shoot me *Blast*

"And even in death... I still don't give a fuck about nothin... so fuck your problems... don't think somebody loved me, look down on yourself"

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