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Lokevelli – Nineteen Eighty Four lyrics

"This side's my life and my personality and shit, you know what I'm sayin? Reflection of who I am."
(This is the tale of a man searching for himself within himself. The chameleon changes his exterior to adapt to his environment. Constantly trying to blend into the world around him. But at what point does the chameleon find his real colors and separate himself from the colors of the past? And more importantly, what kind of journey will the chameleon face once he has learned who he is and his place in this world? Inked with blood and sealed with exhaustion, the following is a representation of that journey. The journey of one the twisted lead helplessly through a realm of confusion, trying to find some meaning and sense and understanding.)

July 10th, nineteen eighty four I was born
Feeling dealt with a cut in my umbilical cord
I was put up for adoption and sent through the courts
My mom was only 18 I aint blamin the fault
I was raised down in midtowns and brought up well
Was put through the public school system as hell
Was fucked with for being an outcast a quiet one
Hook ya listen to this you know where I'm comin from
But my daddy had a shop out in Bristol
Where you could get this all right with missiles and pistols
I started sneakin bullets into school when I had to
I leave a few on top of peoples desk in the classroom
Started doin drugs, gettin really interested
In death metal, hip-hop, and anything with a rhythm
I started getting straight F's on report cards
That's when I started gettin in fights in the courtyards

No matter what you doin
No matter where you lookin
No matter what you thinkin
Y'all can't see me[x2]

Yo, 1999's when I dropped outta high school
With that the hip-hop's the only thing that I knew
Sat and almost stayed up all night
And just right it on techniques and rippin the mic
Livin in the light of somebody
Who wanted to prove em all wrong feelin the mic
Cause there was nobody else to call on
I was the nice kid that everybody walked on
Fucked up my head and now I'm happy that y'all gone
Back in the day I used to have to scream for attention
And now it follows me like suicidal intervention
[?] pursuin my music
But it's too late to turn back now I'll never lose it
And as I look back to 1989
Watchin movies that potentially made me waste my young mind
Made me into something that was truly one of a kind
So when I hit the top y'all aint gettin a fuckin dime

[Chorus x2]

Life's such a doubled edged sword at times
It can be so beautiful and so divine
It can be so musical with flows and rhymes
And at the same time drain you of all your pride
And leave you fu-fucked up in the head
And then the tracks can't even bitin
Apple slices lookin fast plan
To get you out of all the problems that are manifested
Damage every second of your innocence and adolescence
So now I look up at the sky and wonder
How the fuck did I end up in such a rubble
I'm just a drunk bum lookin for an easy way out
Lookin for a rainfall like a season of drought
Yo I know that nobody relates to what the fuck I'm sayin
I think I'm just killin time for my blood sprayin
I think I'm finally goin crazy for real
Just smiling to the point that I can't keep my thoughts sealed

[Chorus x2]

"Every song every word on that's true you know what I'm sayin, it's 100% real shit"

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