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Lokevelli – The End Of An Era lyrics

This is the end of an era (era)
This is the end of an era (era)
This is the end of me
Look into my life look into my eyes you will see a killer
A saint that you made into a sinner
This is the end of an era (era)
This is the end of an era (era)
This is the end of me

Life moving so quick I'm trying to catch up
But every time I jump and reach I'm getting set up
They tell me to forget it I can never let up
I'm twisted in my misery and struggle just to get up
I see these devils all around me trying to slow me down
Leave me for my mission but my mission's laying on the ground
Broken into little pieces and it's getting worse
So myself I follow my dreams if they don't get it first
Yo, this music shit is like a woman light inside my soul
And fills the hollowness inside my ribs and lets me take control
Of any situation whether visual or in my head
Roaming through the cemetery conversations with the dead
They tell me follow my heart and though it took a while
I think I finally found it in my chest in a burning smoking pile
Endless I collect them in my talk continue with my mission
Hope until the sunrise so I can see what I've been missin

[Chorus x2]

This is the end of an era
The end of the terror that filled me
The heaven you built me
I walk the earth until the day that it kills me
And shows the crimson [?] within me
I breathe fire and ash I'm just trying to pass
But y'all homies wanna make me fall and trip on my ass
So now I'm starting to become the man you say
I am behold the metamorphosis I'm changing everyday
I am chamiliatic fuck all the static I'm feeling suicidal
Waiting for an open opportunity to hit a vital
Organ in you pouring in you every single bit of pain
I held and let it accumulate like puddles gather in the rain
Behold the final words of a man you'll never see again
Screech as I open my cocoon until I'm bleeding red
Rhythms this is my decision god help horror-core
Make way for the twelve oracles

[Chorus x2]

This is the end of an era (era) x4
This is the end of me
This is the end of an era (era) x4
This is the end of me

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