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Ksysenka – Why Do We Murder lyrics

Look around
Dangerous behind you
What's up dear?
Do you wanna be in game? X 2
Yes, my murderer
So, just call your name

Why does he avenge?
This killer has
A weapon with a big caliber
So why does he wander?
I can say
He is a leader
In his favorite game
Why does he betray?
Don't behave like a blockhead
And why does he hate?
I don't see
The reason to murder
'Cause That's injustice

I'm not a monster
I just do
What you despise
Next Sunday
Your husband will die

In my opinion,
It'll be right
No one may evade his fate
The deed had happened
Everything was ok

No, the price
Was too high
If you loose the defense
My funds won't gonna supply


And I go to a hall of judicial session
When evening comes
I'll go for a hunt

Early in the morning
Cops bring the bodies
To mortuary

Everything sucks
I've been in prison 3 times
But I survive
Are you still alive?

Yes, my buddy
Mankind speaks
Don't talk to a prisoner
Here's a beast

He can make unaccountable act
Never make a false step
It's totally ludicrous

People still don't know who we are
If it's ten pm
Are your children at home?
The killers more powerful
Than law
Our morals are very cruel


Equity can punish us
But who may prophesy
How many cartridges
In the bags of those scum

Diary if you only could realize
What you son has already done

We exist as a clan
Which cuts across all classes
No one will regret
If he under arrest

The blood lust
Doesn't induce
To plead not guilty
It irritates greatly

When somebody declares
You must share the blame
It gives an innocent gaze

Suffering cat
You will be an old buffer
After this undergone term

Send 'em to hell with their accusations
Never be on the knees


I doubt
Whether anyone will socialize with defendant
Here's nothing to do
Who will give you an employment?

Thus appears a new crime
And we cannot modify our behavior
I don't need a job
Together we can earn thousand bucks till 10 o'clock

If you're tired of being jailed
Take your time
And make a new deception point
Follow the rule 'No constraint'

That's no funny to be
A snitch or trickster
Sometimes life forces to relinquish

They interrogated me in police station
And now you ask me why I look so awful
Shame on your ugly mug


My face is smashed
Tomorrow I will be convicted instead of you
Somebody drinks expensive wine in his mansion
And I should accept the criminal liability

I'm in no laughing mood
Besides the whole detective's office in my bloody snivels
They struck me heavily
Finally I wasn't able to stand it and hit back

I had no choice
Would I suffer indignity?

Though I'm not at fault
On the other hand
My arms beat the security
For your liberty

Let the service men confine me
But you never ever feel the real freedom


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