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Ksysenka – Mr. Jam lyrics

You're my chocolate desire
I like your style
You look sweet and hot as fire
Come with me and take me higher

As you want I can be rifle
You're my gladness when I'm smiling
I'm in candy shop like waffle
It's so wonderful my darling

You better don't shine
Caz I'm wax under sun
But I need your light
One more ray I will drop

I'm losing my mind
That's not enough
Without love
I'm empty island

No one can it describe
And this so lonely night
I hate the way you say goodbye
Can't stand my fright?

Tears eat me inside
Did you ask if I like
When you leave me aside
What I feel after lie

All my calls were denied
And I don't know why
You prefer to elide
Now I can only cry

Your words were a snide
Never had such a fly
Was absolutely blind
My soul vanished in sky

Open eyes wide
Want you hear my sigh
You still didn't try
See my passionate sign

You're busy with guys
Don't remember that time
When were happy teamwise
Now we don't have sweet lime

Our glasses are dry
You're not sugar, not mine
I'm alone, we split up
I'm so missing your sight

Cut to the heart
It is enough, I don't abide
Was fed up then break up
Now I ask where's love?

I had to be smart
You made me wild
Got key of my heart
Then left me behind

If I ask what he's done
The answer will us surprise
He don't care, he's gone
Now here clouds, no sun

And I'm done
Don't wanna any variant
I'm drawing a line
It makes me relevant

I count to five
And throw you a bomb
Forgetting your jive
How long you're fond

Will I cry?
I beg not to bond
Yesterday didn't say hi?
Caz my feelings glow

You weren't right
Dry your eyes
Seeing me with better guy
New girlfriend just tries

To be good as was I
You don't like new lunch
Our souls flew high
I loved you so much

And cried a lot
Almost forget your touch
I pray to god
Not to send me such guy


You hurt me without knife
Keep calling my number
Life became tight
My heart still suffer

Switching off the light
I do wanna answer
But look insight
I see only anger

It's so trite
You surely handsome
I got a plight
My flame is absent

Our affair like a fistfight
Your feelings ancient
I left you mesaage tonight
You didn't mention


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