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Ksysenka – Stand lyrics

Just like that
No more again
Ain`t no respect
Falling back in pain

Baby, What I can say
Maybe it`s too late
I`m on my way
And feeling just stayed

Pressure is so huge
I got no chance
But I`m ready to contribute
So dirty my hands

I tried to regret
My mind stands back
I will never forget
How much I withstand

I die making it perfect
Keep digging the land
The kernel is burnt
Another effort is dead

Let me work and protect
All I have a pure lack
I`m getting upset
Crying after making new mistake

My aim must understand
Every one calls me insane
I can lose the game
Because I have a main blame

But I follow my way
Where my ego takes place
No second orlast
Only on top with grace


I`ll be able to stand to handle it more
Than any men, I just give a damn
What you said that I can`t
I`m prepared with all my strength
Yes, I can I stand

I`ll be able to stand to fight like a man
I just give a damn
What you said that I can`t
I`m prepared with all my strength
Yes, I can I stand
And nobody can prevent

Prepared means handle
That`s not fare
If I give a sample
Where is my glare
That I can get it mental

Next upper level
I`ll be more dependent
I deserve a heaven
No more than any angel

One more spare
I get a super scandal
I`m ready to declare it`s bigger dental
And I Hate that my step is fatal

New day started I`m already angry
I`m kind-hearted, but it`s over my penalty
I`m so desperate, my dream is fantasy
It`s already dead and I can`t resurrect it

Getting outside bring no inspiration
Maybe I must hide, there`s no perfection
I`m so damn lazy my tired body blazing
Actting like a baby, sound too crazy
I hate it


Talking to myself through the mirror
Can I get a help, wanna be a hero
Yesterday I fell my result was zero
For tomorrow got a plan to be different figure

If you not able then squeeze the apple
Until it cracks like a broken panel
Take another example when it touches the battle
We deserve a heaven when it`s time to settle

I be stable like steel and hot metal
Hard to crackle not as screwed anckle
My skin getting hazel, I see how we rankle
It`s too much vandal, you never do it gentle

Just in general I want to grabble
Looking for a new navel
It`s way to be more faithful
And less hateful
Here`s my paddle which can be helpful

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