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Serj Tankian – Misunderstood Rose lyrics

I can feel you far away your hesitation matching mine
Sadness left us as the residue of uncompromising love
Between the blind seeking adoration of bright doorways
And sweet melodic voices dispersed by the wind crested
In the park I can feel you far away with your earth blue eyes
Catching the waves of unknown oceans not born harvesting the sea
Of torn lullaby's in the skies your grief matching mine touching glasses
Toasting the totality of all time when lovers fought behind the
Lines of red wine pouring from the gashes left behind by the
Sweet pedals of a misunderstood rose

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Submitted byFelsic


  • c
    I think this is about longing for uncompromising love, and I would interpret uncompromising love not as some form of selfishness, but on the contrary as a love that is not diminished by reason, personal needs, obstacles.
    The sadness comes from feeling disconnected to this love in which the subject of the poem anyway believes.
    Waves of unknown oceans, harvesting the sea gives me the impression of something that goes deeper than an orgasm, some transcendent unity (i don´t find the right words).
    Lines of red wine pouring from gashes maybe means that love hurts only because we don´t handle it with enough care. Maybe we are not able to because we misunderstand the idea of love.

    Well, this is probably not what Mr. Tankian wanted to express, it s just the thoughts the poem caused in me.
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  • u
    This is about two lovers who are no longer together, either because they were forcably seperated or for some other reason I don't know. Serj mentions atleast twice, "your hestitation MATCHING mine." This means they both felt the same way. This is not about unrequited love. "Sadness left us as the residue of uncomprimising love," this line suggests that their relationship failed due to selfishness, or in other words, they lacked the ability to compromise, which is essential if a relationship is ever going to last.
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  • w
    First, "lullaby's" is simply incorrect. It cannot make syntactic or grammatical sense. What do the lullabies possess? The correct form would be lullabies (plural). Second, "pedals" doesn't make sense either. Bicycles have pedals. Roses have petals. The change in spelling weirdly distorts the meaning. The endjambment of lines further distorts the meaning, making it difficult to determine where phrases should end. In fact, this whole poem is an example of pseudo-intellectual rambling with indistinct metaphors loosely threaded together by a series of essentially random images. I suspect this was done precisely so readers can extrapolate whatever meaning they believe relates to their own experiences. The music for this is hauntingly lovely. The lyrics are irritatingly oblique.
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