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Serj Tankian – The Unthinking Majority lyrics

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    I think this song is about Iran or Iraq actually. When he is talking about the antidepressants controlling tools of your system, I think he's having a go at consumerist culture and pr or Propaganda(corporate propaganda), as a means of making us feel happy, and entertaining us all the time, in order to preoccupy us and distort the truth.
    For me he's using antidepressants controlling our biogical systems, and our minds and moods, as a metaphor for of corporations and the media manipulate our thoughts and keep us happy. Serj is using anti-depressants as a symbol as they are common in our society as a quick fix to keep or make people happy, or less sad. Because of all the alienation they are feeling because consumerism isn't fulfilling their needs, and is making them sick.
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  • m
    This song is clearly written speaking directly to President Bush. He and his war economy have given the entire world a rather skewed view of what true democracy really is. All his warmongering for profit has done exactly the opposite of its underlying purpose, for we are now smack in the middle of a recession. And Bush always attempts to give us the proverbial "anti-depressant"in the form of either promises of bringing our men and women home or widespread giving of money (i. E. The government stimulus check).
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  • p
    Manicdepressive, I believe your right to a point. Obviously in the video, he takes it farther than just the War for Oil. He goes into the possibility and act of martial law being declared, which is very daring of him (considering what could happen in the event of the country going into that state). He shows the progression of our rights being oppressed until our own military takes arms with us; while many just choose to shove pharmaceuticals down their throat.
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  • c
    Dude soad you nailed it, but in my view of the song "Anti depressents, controlling tools of your system" the depressents are the government making us believe in the idea of true democracy when in reality the companies in charge of voting have their own agenda for the country, the system is the voting offices witholding their information for fear of knowledge.
    As for the beggining it's like the government telling activists' that their democracy is right and ours is wrong
    the part in the begging "We don't need your democracy.
    Execute them kindly for me.
    Take them by their filthy nostrils.
    Put them up in doggy hostels. "
    the first line is the government telling us that their democracy is right and our's is wrong
    the second line goes back to the "red scare" where "communist" citizens were arrested and had their life stolen away from them which basically goes witht the third and fourth line.
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