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White Boys – Play That Funky Music lyrics

(*human beat box by Essence*)

[ Precise ]

Goin back in my mind

Another place, another time

Not now, 3 years ago

I was tryin to go to the show

I had money, but no dice

Bein too young I paid the price

So I left with my head hangin down

Went around back, heard the sound

Comin from the place into my face

Yo, you shoulda heard that bass

Thumpin, the beat was pumpin

Without a doubt the joint was jumpin

Hard, I jumped on a crate

Looked at my watch, it was 12: 08

So I hurried and looked in the window

Man, what a show

[ chorus ]

They were dancin and singin

And movin to the groovin

And just when it hit me

Somebody turned around and shouted

Play that funky music white boy

Play that funky music right

Play that funky music white boy

Lay down the boogie

And play that funky music till you die

Till you die

Till you die

Till you die

[ Exact ]

Time passed, we developped a style

Went back to the club, not crackin a smile

Not time to joke or time to jerk

Just time for the Boys to cold do work

The man at the door said, " Come on in"

Announced to the crowd we would soon begin

Backstage we all got ready

To move the crowd and to cold rock steady

To boldly go where no man had gone before

Leave the crowd still beggin for more

Preparations now over, party people in a rage

When the White Boys took the stage

Cold gettin loose, not poppin abuse

The three they could see now had the juice

Non-stop hip-hop in every song

Guess what was goin on

[ chorus ]

[ both ]

No way can I explain

What goes on inside my brain

The bass drum drops, the swing beat rocks

And the crowd just comes in flocks

Payin and stayin to see us rhyme

Wonder why? Go back in time

When we saw the light and the way to go

At the club, long ago

[ chorus ]

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