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White Boys – Running The Show lyrics

The White Boys

The White Boys

The White Boys


The White Boys


The dope beat's pumpin, cold comin correct

The White Boys in full effect, check

What I'm sayin, the vocals, our voice

Just like my lady my rhymes are choice

It ain't difficult, so come to my area

Just listen, the beat will carry ya

Hands in the air, literal excitement

Marley made the track, on the rhyme time I spent

Stupid dope, however you describe it

Just like a beverage you will ( ? ) it

Into your system, an injection

This is '88, the year of an election

So yo, vote for this funky groove

It sounds strange, but you got to move

So move, groove, soothe your soul

The beat is loose, it's on parole

Cold slammin to let you know

The White Boys are running this show

The White Boys are runnin this show (4X)

I'm rhymin, the dope entertainer

With a story about Elena

It's short, but to the point

You better listen or leave the joint

It's serious, mysterious, it left me curious

Why Elena was tryin to hurry us

To tie the knot and buy a lot

A house, a car, a dog named Spot

I got wise, looked in her eyes

Said, "What's the hurry and why all the lies?"

She was busted, not trusted

I just broke, mad and disgusted

She wanted money, fortune and fame

She didn't love me, she loved my name

She took heed and not my dough

And now she knows who's runnin this show

The White Boys are runnin this show (4X)

It goes 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9

A rhyme from my mind, you won't find

A lime like mine in any kind of time

So unwind, loosen up, just get funky

The situation at hand is hunky

Dory, don't bore me

Listen close, I tell you a story

About a crew who came around my way

And told me I'd outplayed my stay

I said: "No way, you wanna fight, okay

Go ahead, O.J., and make my day"

But don't ignore this

I take you out just like Chuck Norris

Or Bruce Lee, you're so sorry

Why don't you go play your Atari

You're like Pac Man, old and silly

You remind me of the four Hillbillies

Black Gold and Texas T

Why don't you move to Beverly

Hill, that is, in California

One more thing, I need to warn ya

When you go home, don't go to sleep

I pull up in my jeep, the horn'll go beep

And when you hear that, look out your window

So you'll know who's runnin this show

The White Boys are runnin this show (* repeated till fade* )

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