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twenty one pilots – Time To Say Goodbye lyrics

You split and
Take in every time you see
A fake and counterfeit
In the mirror you appear
To see fear
And whisper this is it
In the mirror you appear
To see nothing else
But yourself as a face
A hollowed out space
Hit me with the race
And just in case
I fall face down on the ground
And somehow I found
Enough strength to lift my face
And make a sound
And muffled though it may be
And crazy it seems
I never felt closer to you
Just crying as you torture me

It's time to say goodbye
To the earth and now my worthless life
Cuz everything I've ever made
Is dead now
Inside the grave

I just don't wanna be
So many things
And now that I see
I just wanna sing
I just wanna breath
I just wanna fly
I just wanna close my eyes
And take in the sun
And take in the air
I just wanna run
And murder my care
I wanna believe that I will be
Free as air

Standing on a tower
Trying my hardest to make it
To you but I built this tower
Out of mortal bricks
Their breaking
I truly will surrender
My pretender
My disguise
And I'll truly start to
Render to your splendor
So it's time to say goodbye

It's time to say goodbye
To the earth and now my worthless life
Cuz everything I've ever made
Is dead now
Inside the grave

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Submitted bytwentyonepilotsfan
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    I have come to the conclusion that this song is about self denial and surrendering unrestrained human desires. The main thing that convinced me of this is the chorus, which is basically saying that everything the narrator tried to create himself ended up dying and fading away. Another example is that the narrator tried to make a tower to someone (that someone can be assumed to be God) and it was out of earthly, mortal bricks, which broke apart as time went on. After that, the narrator says he will surrender his pretender and his disguise and says it is time to say goodbye. So, basically, the narrator was once lost in trying to make things for himself, but those things ended up failing, so he went to God for help, and he surrendered everything he had to Him.
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