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twenty one pilots – Blasphemy lyrics

I start to part to halves of
My heart in the dark and I
Don't know where I should go and
The tears and fears begin to multiply.

Take a time in a simple place,
On my bed, where my head rests on a pillow case,
And it's said that a war 's led but I forget that
I let another day go by.

I want to be afraid,
But it seems that these days,
I'm caught under water,
And I'm falling farther,
My heart 's getting harder,
I'm calling my Father,
Am I screaming to an empty sky?

Empty sky, no way that's me,
'Cause one half of my heart is free.
Empty sky, no way that's me,
'Cause the other half of my heart's asleep.

Sing a song, but don't believe.
Blasphemy is just for me.
Hypocrite, take your pick,
'Cause the poison 's on my lips
Can I understand you? (4x)
[End Chorus]

Lights, camera, action.
Satisfaction at your fingertips,
No one's lacking stuff,
But it's not enough when it seems
We have enough stuff just to blow stuff up.

Lights, camera, stop!
We're killing ourselves
Just to get to the top,
And we wont stop talking about what we got,
And how we all love it when we're loved a lot.

Enough about you, let's talk about me,
And everybody thinks I'm just so free.
Free? Did you hear the verse that came first,
And how my whole body 's waging a war on me?

I bet you didn't know something that's absurd,
There's a word I've said more than any other word.
It's sorry. I'm sorry.
And I pray that the word was heard.


I want to be alive,
When you see my eyes,
Can I see your eyes?

Can I see your eyes (5x)

I want to be alive,
When you see my eyes,
Can I see your eyes?
Can I see your eyes?

Let the water...
Wash away...
Everything that you've become.
On your knees...
Today is gone...
And tomorrow is sure to come.

Tomorrow is sure to come

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