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Tony Yayo – Face Off lyrics

[Chorus x2: Tony Yayo]
No ski mask, I shoot a nigga face off
In broad day, I shoot a nigga face off
Nigga try to stunt, the pump I'l leave his face off
Man down yellow tape around nigga face off

[Tony Yayo:]
P95 yea your bitch she can get it too
I'l have ya bust it baby on the operating table
I meant to hit you but your bitch got it
My hollows don't got names they just hit targets
I ain't got hate niggaz just hate me
Big blunt, big gun off safety
I'm young black and rich and don't give a fuck
A class nigga so niggaz wanna hit me up
I leave you tre pound finger fuck
Hollow tips lift you up
Meange a trois with bullets, my little niggaz pull it
He only 12 years old so green light go
He put ya brains on the floor with the for for


[Cory Gunz:]
I don't hate niggaz niggaz just hate cor
Talk of new york shoot a nigga face off
I don't hate niggaz niggaz just hate cor
Talk of new york shoot a nigga face off
The talk of new york tear a nigga face off
Automatic guns oi and get a case off
I chase off any perpetraitirs I face off
I spot em out on a map and move they place off
You turn him like a chuck t with the lace off
I leave a nigga taste off when I pace off
I let it waste off fist gun I'm laid off
I'm violent as 50 cent leave em like mase off
Landing all ties like a race draw
Put a nigga in his place like a race lost
Treat bitch made niggaz like state law
Catch you bootleggers on fake flaws I break jaws
Like elephantitis and get to talkin like meningitis
And knowin my vitals and sypholitis for thin
Apparatus shit shatters and scatters against the lord
The writers homie tigh as is tragic and sad as a fucking thought to write
It, what
Handled with a uzi shottie
Shit it make range I make her why toosie drop
Tell your boys avoid lloyd like a paranoid droid
A shortsten roy floyd you won't enjoy joy
Face off,
I shoot a nigga face off
I don't hate niggaz niggas just hate cor
Talk of new york tear a nigga face off
Yea shoot a nigga face off

[Chorus x2]

Yea I'm infamous when a gun is spitting clips
Hit your bitch tear her face off like mikalis
K's with the gauge laid got a triple bitch
Listen prick this is it go ahead and slit your wrist
I'm a die a boss when them shots fired off
Broad day 4 k's have your face sliding off
Ductape fuck face take the wires off
Get your s*** rape cut cake now your wifes a whore
I'm the type of guy you probly wouldn't like at all
Lift the german ruger don't work then I'm a knife it off
Leave the blade bloody I don't got to wipe it off
Broke ya body till it go limp with no life at all
The k clap asap I don't play that
Got guns in the crib older than the a-trak
Dust em off go outside then spray black
Ak listen you will never get your face back

[Chorus x2]

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