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The Devil Wears Prada – Number Three, Never Forget lyrics

You've compromised your doctrines
You've surrendered yourself to fashion
Come back to your faith
Come back to grace
He sang with us and loved others

The death obsession
The blood relationship
Creates such a rotten demise
Oh lord...
Such blackness
Portrays the love of a machine
I did not want you to join this culture
So how can you be so proud?
Pray to the heavens
With whatever it takes
I wish to shine this light back upon you
It's obvious that apocalyptic barriers
(Will give) no mercy to fashion
You've compromised your doctrines
You've surrendered yourself now...

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  • e
    Everything below is true, but this song also refers to things we otherwise believe are like the "love of a machine": non-existant, and it is also a call out to the corrupt of this world in darkness to come back to the light. It also refers to Christ's death on the cross for our sake and how we take that for granted without ever stopping to consider the importance of the final sacrifice made by God Himself. The death obsession out of the love He had for others.
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  • t
    This song is saying how some religions have lost their faith and relay on worldly possessions that wont matter in the apocalypse; this has happened to Christianity where being in charge of a church made you wealthy and many people died because of poverty of not having enough faith, if you have to kill or give everything you have to follow your religion is it worth following, this song says to avoid that possible concluson.
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