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Sunrise Avenue – Monk Bay lyrics

I'm not moving too fast
Want to stay in the past
On these endless streets with your smell
This was once you and me
I was in totally
My fingers can still feel your hair

I keep on moving ahead
I might not get anywhere

I have nowhere to go
In the dark all alone
And I don't see no light anywhere
I have no one to hold
And I'm feeling so cold inside
Oh please don't throw me away
Please don't throw me away
It's raining in monk bay

Lost and cold and alone
Got a house, not a home
Nothing is like it was before
Endless thoughts of the time
When you were only mine
They keep on streaming in my mind

I keep on moving ahead
I might not get anywhere

I have nowhere to go...

It's raining and raining on me
It's cold and it hurts and it's hard to believe
I've looked every in Monk Bay
I can't find you

I have nowhere to go...

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