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Soul Position – No Excuse For Loving lyrics

He liked to keep his woman looking nice
And tried to pay her phone bill but she turned him down twice
Even though her life wasn't sunny
She felt him she didn't know him well enough to take his money
Instead, she recommended quiet dinner
Maybe next weekend and she could find a babysitter
Her daughter was three and she was twenty-one
With, dreams of marriage and having a son
But most times she felt like she'd never find love
So she drank away the pain in blood stained night clubs
And when home with men that acted like thugs
Addicted to the night life, like drugs
But regrets of the morning after always caught her
Waking up with men unfamiliar to her daughter
Even though they gave her an escape from lonely days
She never felt better than when they parted ways
Oh there's no.. excuse for loving..
"Nothing special," she thought when his path crossed her mind
He could never be the one, just, occupy her time
And fill the lonely days that'd become so basic
Since her heart was torn from the broken off engagement
Two years ago and three states away
But by the look in her brown eyes you would've thought it happened yesterday
Now this new with intention to impress
Bought her tennis shoes and a brand new summer dress
If you could see the smile on her face
And how it washed away the work week's bitter taste
Plus this was the week of her born day
The sun ray in a life of all work and no play
He said he wanted her to spend it with him
But, she said she'd already committed to her friends
He denied her invitation to come along
And told her to call when she got home
She pulled into the parking lot
Startled when she saw him standing right behind her in the dark
Demanding she tell him who she slept with today
Smelling the liquor on his breath she began to walk away
He grabbed her by throat yanked off the gold chain
And almost smiled, satisfied at her pain
He though of this her reward for being unfaithful
Lifted from her feet tears roll down her cheek
And terrified, she closed her eyes
While the storm made it impossible to hear her cries
He knew this, and struck with a clenched fist
And told her he wasn't stupid
She's now pinned to the ground
With his hand on her mouth to muffle the sounds
Knee planted in her chest until breathing hurt
He said she forced him to take back his tennis skirt
Much stronger she offered very little resistance
To him taking back the clothes that he'd given
Then he cocked back his fist for one last blow
And left her in the parking lot knocked out cold

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