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Soul Position – Run lyrics

it went down like this
a day just like today
just...doing my thing, you know?
[Chorus X2]
Look before you leap, walk before you run
run from anything that threatens peaceful existence
Look before you leap, walk before you run
run as far as you can until you reach a safe distance
we've been running from day one
never even thought to ask why or what from
only taught to run, only taught to run
only taught to run, only taught to run
I learned how to walk at age one
and wasn't satified until I learned how to run
at age eighteen I didn't want to run
but I had to run from the shots fired by a gun
fourty-eight hours, two cycles of the sun
I couldn't run from the shock that paralyzed my tongue
it made not want to speak a word to anyone
felt like the breath had been stolen from my lungs
who would've told my mother that she lost her youngest son
tears in her eyes standing there feeling stunned
to hear that her baby fell victim to a gun
playing basketball outside having fun
it's sad but it happens all the time where I'm from
so I grew up thinking I'd never reach twenty-one
it's sad but it happens all the time where I'm from
but I'm still here, cause I learned how to run
[Chorus X2]
my inner city people
put your hands up if you're feeling me
I'm not alone running from fear of cops killing me
running from utilities, running from responsibilities
running from flashbacks and memories
it's funny how we run into the arms of strong women
run away when its time to talk about committment
I've seen women, run away from Mr. Right
then turn around and say that there ain't no good men in sight
even thugs run when the streets turn into hell
some run to the cops cause its safer in a cell
some cats used to run the streets and act fool
got robbed and didn't run but they had to run their jewels
some used to run shit on basketball courts
they got kids now running from child support
it's sad but it happens all the time where I'm from
sometimes I wish that we never learned how to run
[Chorus X2]

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