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Sons Of Liberty – Tree Of Liberty lyrics

It's time to act quickly
Face what's ahead, Revolution's at hand
You must see
I pray it's with ballots
If they push us too far, bullets will rain
In the streets
We look to the Founders
Who inspire the cause when hope is but lost
To be free
We ll bring down the tyrants
Forcing their hand, bringing them down to their knees

Every now and then we see
The tree of liberty must be refreshed
With the blood of patriots and tyrants
The time has come again
The clash of free and tyranny will soak the Earth
With the blood of patriots and tyrants

Beware of deception
Listen not what they say, but watch what they do
Convict them of treason
For selling us out, the destruction of our


I pray this conflict will be settled peacefully
Violence will only feed what the system needs
Watch out! Don t tread on me!
I know there comes a time
When we've all had enough
Proceed with caution
Protect the ones you love
For the sake of liberty
You must fight another day
And when the time is right
You must push back and say
Watch out! Don t tread on me!


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