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Sons Of Liberty – Jeckyll Island lyrics

Secrecy, conspiracy, tyranny, slavery
An act of stealth, a silent coup d etat
Corrupted leaders hijacked freedom
Acting in duress, these I'll designing men
Frame the master plan to enslave a nation
Secrecy, conspiracy, tyranny, slavery
The sinister design to fleece the common man
A massive Ponzi scheme, the cancer of our land
This is the Land of Oz, research it you will see
The men behind the curtain are scared of you and me
Usury, conspiracy, tyranny, slavery

The Creature from Jeckyll Island
The system hijacked freedom's brightest hope
The Creature from Jeckyll Island
Corruption is the cause of all our woes

Call it what it is, these global bankster rats
Arrest them and their pawns, we'll take our world back
I'm here to tell you now, you better take a stand
Before we lose it all, enslavement is their plan
Usury, conspiracy, tyranny, slavery


We know that you manipulate the markets and blow out the economy
You create recessions and depressions
So that you can consolidate and steal wealth from the middle class
We are awake and we will rise up!
The answer to 1984 is 1776!
We are agents of free humanity
And we are here to stand against your tyranny!
Educate yourself, who really runs the scheme?
Who causes all the wars? Who really pulls the strings?
Andrew Jackson said "By God I ll rout you out!"
And if we stand as one, we'll cast the demons out!
Usury, conspiracy, tyranny, slavery

[Chorus x2]

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