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Phantom Rose – Hip Hop Drabbles lyrics

[Verse 1 - Jazzie]
Hi my name is Jazzie and I'm s*** on the beat,
Talk some junk about me and I'll stomp you with my feet.
(Yeah, Yeah) you might think that I'm crazy & you might think I'm'ma fool,
But I'll stomp you with my Vans and I'll show you that I rule.
You know that I am rockin and you know that I am sweet.
You know all this about me cuz I'm on this funky beat.
So, if you wanna joan with me or if you wanna jack,
I'm'ma hand it to Kairo and leave it like that!

[Verse 2 - Kairo]
(Aww...) Yeah you know this [is] Kairo and you know I must admit,
That I'm a Anime Freak and you know I'm too legit,
To be talking to these lame-o's and [to] be talking to these geeks,
Cuz I am Kairolicious and I'm on this funky beat!
You might think that I'm weird and you might think I'm'ma joke,
But I'm more than a threat so you know I run the show.
So, I'm'ma break it down and let my girl steal the show,
Cuz Rydera gunna kill it [and] gon keep it with the flow.

[Verse 3 - Rydera]
Rydera is my name and I got plenty to say (yep!),
Playing Video Games is my main Prote'ge' (yep!),
While others is music like that funky little Pop (and,),
Hip-Hop, Jazz, Rap, And a lotta Rock,
Heavy Metal, Alternative, Blues, and J Rock,
Country, R&B, the list don't stop!
Label me as tomboy, if you please do,
Heres that girl Niki that's coming right through.

[Verse 4 - Niki]
Yep, Niki came up on this thing looking hot!
Dust mt shoulders off cuz you know that I rock!
Anime is my thing [and] if you got something to say,
Come up in my face or get outta my way!
S*** little diva, yes I know that I am.
[I'm the] hottest on the block & the last one to jam,
Cuz the best comes last and I'm on the scene.
It was my turn and I did my thing.

That's our little rap [and] we gon leave it like that!
We told you all about us and that's a fact.
And if you got something really bad to say,
Keep it to yourself and get outta the way!
Cuz we all got flava and we all got style!
And we all got talent to make you go wild.
So we gon break it down just 1 more time.
With just 1 more rhyme.

The Punk Cutie told you how she was s***,
J Pop Princess is a Anime Freak,
Heavy Metal Rokkstarr broke it on down,
J Rock Superstar brung it on around.
That's our rap we gonna bring it back,
On another song or on a different track,
Cuz that's,
The End,
Of this long ole' rap,
Cuz we can't be beat and that's like that!

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