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Phantom Rose – The Conceited Song lyrics

As I step up on the scene and shake my hair
Guys looking at me like I just don't care.
Center of attention, I need to be
Since everybody in the club is looking at me.
As I step up on the dance floor looking so fly
I saw a lil cutie that caught my eye
But I know tonight, it's all about me
As I step up on the stage and make a big scene.

[1st Bridge](x2)
Make a big scene,
Oh yeah, I make a big scene.
Make a big scene
(Breathing) Oh yeah, I make a big scene!

[Verse 2:]
When I step on the floor, I look so hot.
I look so good I make all the guys stop.
Just look at me, how could you resist?
Have you ever seen a girl look as good as this?
As I dance and make all the guys drool,
I saw a guy and he looked kinda cool,
But I found out that he wasn't for me,
As I step on the dance floor and did my thing.

[2nd Bridge](x2)
Did my thang,
Oh yes, I did my lil thang
Did my thang
(Breathing) Oh yes, I did my lil thang!

[Verse 3:]
When I go to the bar and try and buy me a drank
Even the bartender tried to give me a wink.
Girls in the club is hatin on me,
All the guys in the club is liking what they see.
But I don't really care what the girls say,
Cuz all they do is get in the way.
As I'm looking at all the boys on the scene,
I saw one boy look fresh and clean.

[3rd Bridge](x2)
So fresh, so clean,
He look so fresh so clean (yep)
So fresh, so clean.
(Breathing) Ooh Ahh Ooh Ahh!

[Verse 4]
As I do my lil catwalk on the stage,
Guys fighting over me and girls having a rage.
As this one guy try hitting on me
I said, "no and damn you ugly,
And not to be rude or be so mean
But you not my type and you look crazy"
So he walked away in so much shame
But I hate to tell him, he had no game

[4th bridge](x2)
He had no game,
Too bad he had no game
He had no game
(breathing) too bad he had no game!

[Verse 5]
When I l; eave the club, all the guys follow me
Cuz I'm looking really hot and they going crazy
And everybody lovin my s*** style.
It seems like all the boys done gon wild!
With my all pink on and I'm looking real good,
All the girls getting mad and I wish they would,
Try and fight me while I'm all dressed up,
Cuz I'm too cute and they can't get enough!

[5th Bridge](x2)
Can't get enough,
Oh no, they can't get enough.
Can't get enough
(Breathing) on no, they can't get enough!

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