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Mouthpi3ce – Mind's Made Up lyrics

I've made up my mind, no need to think it over
If I honor Him right, don't need to look no further

Yo, make your mind up, cause if not
You can't make the time up, it's not a wrist watch
Like Hitchcock, it's a mystery, yesterday, some call it history
So make sure you did sometin' interesting
And kept it clean like Listerine, is you listening?
Beyond all of that glistening there's a message we're meant to bring, meant to sing
So I sing it louder, raise the crowd up, might switch my style up till it pile up
Dial up my best friend, share with his soul that he's called and destined
Tell him that today was more than a blessin'
Stop bench pressin' the things you stressin'
The past is the past, the present is present
You gotta live your life, homie, learn your lesson,
My mind's made up


Hey yo, to the unsaved with sins that's unpaid
He ain't gotta contemplate waitin' on Sunday
Procrastination is like gunplay: cause you could die today, tomorrow's too late.
And I ain't tryin' to be visitin' dude's wake
With a story broadcast in the news on channel 8
I'd rather walk in love instead of channel the hate
That's a word to the Church, we lettin' them get away
We verbally push them, we thinkin' it's okay
Christ's on the throne screamin', "No way!"
We're flippin' on our own, slippin' on the Word like banana peels
Now wonder we led astray
Heaven ain't gonna full of the people you think
It's gonna be full of the people that used to smoke and drink
The ones that you never spoke to, like your so cool
And you talkin' like you really obey?


Hey, uh, look, look
Me and Maisah made our minds up, divorce's not an option
We gave up the word quit for adoption
Let's get it poppin' to the day that we drop
Or Christ come back and we both reach the top
I'd rather my first album flop than my marriage,
Cause it's worth way more then them carrats, diamonds, platinum
Can't see me packin' my bags with my kids lookin' at me like "Dad"
I went through the same thing growin' up mad
From a jail cell, pen to pad
I'd worked too hard to keep it all intact
They sacred to me, so Satan, fall back
I'd face death before the Son, I'd die for all of that
And bump havin' pride, I'm the first to call it back
My mind's made up, what you think of all that?
If you agree let me hear you holla back


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