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Mouthpi3ce – Give Him More lyrics

They say it's all a dream, but I say He's more.
He caught my fall before I hit the floor.
He took blame for it when it was my fault.
From this day forward I promise to give Him more.

I promise to give You more, more of my time,
More from my music, bodied in every line
Glory from every rhyme and song that I wrote
No it's not Mouth it's Christ that's really dope
I just sharin' the hope that's written in every quote,
Indicated and read every word that He spoke
I don't give a dang about winnin' the Grammies
If I did I would punt it and give it to the pope
Power of the Holy Ghost, feel it coast to coast
He's a phenomenon so why I brag or boast
So I boast about Him even when I doubt Him
He still moves mountains and that's no joke
And when I call on Him He's never no show
The reason why I never have to call the po-po
Gangsta and I don't even own a fo' fo'
Somebody tell the Devil I ain't playin' no more


I promise to give You more, my face flat on the floor
This is not a new dance this is how I worship the Lord
All in one accord, put your hands in the air
Praise the mighty God who gave us clothes to wear
And endured the pain that punch we couldn't bear
Separate the sheep from goat, wheat from tare
Those that just act, and those that really care
Those that just rap and those that really share
It's more than glitz and glitter, big whips and houses
So many broken homes, dudes switchin' spouses
No more tables, now you're flippin' coaches
My God is able, scream whose the loudest
I'm on in every area but bein' the proudest
Death to that pride that gotta come about us
Ride with the King, till the day that we bouncin'
Until dead I'm forever sippin' from His fountain


I don't think they understand, to You, I really owe it all
The strength in my baby girl's legs to crawl
The breath in my lungs to talk and exhale
The rent, the money I owe my next tail
The healin' to the scars on my knees when I feel
The favor that You showed in jail in my cell
The case that got dropped, the money for the bail
The three years of marriage me and my wife held
The days near divorce will no longer prevail
The heaven You promised when it's all over and not hell
I cannot withheld so I'ma serve Christ
Like Fishscale from Atlanta to Oregon Trail
Can't you tell I'm so set free indeed?
(I've got) The power of God so no I don't need no weed
Try my God and you can be connected to Three,
The Trinity, for eternity


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