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Lil Boosie – They Dykin lyrics

Lil boosie - They Diking

Bossie Bad ass And 95% Of These Hoes Out There...
Yea They Diking... Yea They Dikin...
I Got Ma bitch Up In The Room And I'm Finna Rip Her ass Apart Brung Ma Other bitch in and Made Her Eat Her In The Dark Now She Diking.. Now She Dikin..

Check This Out...
Two Red bones Kissin In Da Bak Seat [4x]
Girl don't Stop Keep Going And Relax Me
You Want Me To Join In Then Ask Me.
I Like Girls Who Like Girls That Attract Me
Her And Her Friend Got Drunk And She Made A Move She Lick A Gurl On Her Stomach And She couldn't Refuse Now She Confused 'cause She Like niggas Too. You Bisexual But it's Cool. She Made A Promise To Her Girl That She wouldn't Tell Nobody One Got Her Hair Cut Off Now T
Hey can't Hide It Now They Dikin They Liking They Play With The Bath Before They Go To Sleep They Lock Up Like Crab.

I Got My bitch In The Room In Finna Rip Her ass Apart But My Other bitch Her She Made Her Eat Her In The Dark Now They Diking They Liking.
And Her Friend Got Drunk Went To An Afterparty couldn't Find No Niggars So They Both Got Retarded Now They Dikin They Liking. [x2]

That Bad ass Got That Jacob Go Tick Tock 30 Hoes In The Pool All Of Em Flip Flop One Of My Hoes Turn Dike I Had To Ask Her She Like Women Know What Women Want And that's A Passion. In Tennesee Man I Ran Into Some Bad Hoes She Turn The Girl On Her Back And Lick
Ed Her asshole In High School They Were Diking They Wuznt Playin At All They Damn Near Turned Out Everybody That Play Basketball But I Aint Got No Problem I Savage Yall And I'm A Real ass nigga I Aint Mad At Yall And If Boosie Was A Preacher Ide Marry Yall And
Sneak Up On A 100 More So I Can Have All.

[Chorus:] [2x]

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