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Lil Boosie – Beat It Up lyrics

(Chorus 1X)
I no lately that we aint did much but on my mama girl I promise imma make dat up I no you sick of all these bitches wit dez rumors and lies but however gets the westher you gon always B mine N imma stretch my time we gon make thangs rite no mo layin between tha sheets by yo self at nite N imma beat dat pussy up beat dat pussy up girl imma beat dat pussy up until you holla dats enough.
I walked outside look I'm tired of this man my cutie in tha yard wit my draws N ha hand my girl looked at me like you dog ass nigga finna put this knife N yo mufuckin liver I couldn't say shit had to leave da house she punched me N my shit all I did is walked off becuz in wrong but 2NITE when she go home imma keep callin ha phone til she let me lay dat bone (fuck dat shit)
My otha bitch done put me on child support my nigga on tha run slip don got on dat dope I need to fuck some bad I got some pressure built up so tha next thang I fuck she gone get extra ripped up I lookedup to god N toldem fix this shit(you gotta fix this shit) I got J-Lo at home I need my bitch look 3 N da mornin girl still hangin up the phone she answer bring yo nasty ass home (Girl I'm on my way home)
(Chorus 1X)
[Verse 2:]
Now this nest time this bitch hit me on my chirp line boosie how my mouth was I'm right on side my fuckin girl oh let them hoes suck on my shit I told ha no she sucked B but he just played like he was me she got quiet 4 A minute I kissed ha on tha neck I played wit dat pussy and I got my girl wet she say'd I love yo black ass I say'd I love you 2 another bitch done hit me up boosie what do it do she mane grabbed my phone who is this hoe hung up she broke my shit thew out all my doja N shit had A nigga mo sick damn what I done did she like boosie you aint gon neva C yo muthafuckin kids I told ha that I'm sorry I'm tired of lyin tired of seein my girl cryin need A second thrid chane please don't get anotha man been months since I took you out always N that fuckin soft I wanna beat dat pussy up please don't put A nigga out.
Now lately er'body been trippin me you N dem children er'body been slipin we gone keep it real lets get it rite lets have A dinner girl candle lite (Shit) that'll B nice but tha ice aint make it happen tha price aint make it happen but it wasnt all that it was hoes who brought tha maddness usedto laugh wit each otha now we mad at each otha in tha bed we used to cudddle now I barely even fuck ha N every time you gone I B thinkin of you got my thang rock hard gurl I'm finnin for you N we 1ST met it was right on time you was buny I was clyde gurl you down to ride please nigga I'm yo ride or die that's what I like 2 hear whisper softly in my ear lets take'm to tha bank like segol on hard 2 kill all these years down tha drain I'm 75% wrong I'll neva change but I'm workin 2 get betta mane.
Boosie bad ass on tha track mouse on tha beat its more than beautiful baby believe that but I gotta holla at you we gotta go baby cuz on my way ho repeat

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