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Lil Boosie – My N***A lyrics

Chorus: (2x)
If you my nigga, you my nigga then
We stick together thick n then
That's my nigga then
My nigga then

This for my nigga, my round, my wodie, my killa, my thug,
My nigga, my love, my c*** it back ready tah bust.
Since we was small, look you was around nigga
You don't pay 'cause I took tha charge
'cause I'm down nigga
Wen we was broke
We cocked it back and we was blastin
Wen we could smoke
We pulled off witcho sacks, laughing
If we get chose,
We goin on the same line,
Boxin at the same time,
You my thug and I aint lyin.
Let me fuck yo main line,
You don't cherish it.
When beef kicked off,
You the 1st one hollin burry this,
Look, i'll tell ya this,
If you cross em',
I'm gon bank a bitch.
If 4 niggas go on this lick,
2 of dem aint gon get shit.
My wodie, my round, my vick,
Kick our do' together.
We pull out bread,
And score together.
Go to tha head to blow together.
Unclick it, aint no level my patna, my friend.
If yo high don't kick in,
I'll give you my last shot of gin.

Chorus (2x)

And When I clip ya,
You aint gotta pay me shit.
One of our dogs go sour,
You holler, "We can take the click."
Thug Love made us thick,
That's why we role solo.

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